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At Linkurious, we provide enterprise-ready graph intelligence solutions that empower data professionals, analysts and investigators to easily find their way in complex connected data. Simply powerful and powerfully simple, our technology helps Global 2000 companies, public organizations, or non-profit organizations to swiftly and accurately find insights otherwise hidden in their data enabling groundbreaking findings and the ability to make more informed business decisions, faster.

Why Linkurious

We’re on a mission:

Helping you see the unseen.

It’s time to bring data analysis out of the dark ages...

Whether you’re striving to make breakthrough discoveries to improve healthcare, solving business-critical challenges to transform or protect your business, or tracking down money laundering and fraud schemes to combat illicit activity, your data is a vital asset. Yet, most analysts and investigators are left chasing information between rows and tables to piece together insights, frequently translating into a manual, time-consuming process. Too often the tools they use lack the ability to analyze complex connections at the speed and scale that’s needed. We can do better than that.

...And bring mission-critical information to light.

At Linkurious, we believe that the best data visualization and analytics solutions should work smarter, not harder. That the ideal solutions focus not just on technology, but provide superhuman strength to data-driven professionals. We believe graph technology is a revolutionary way to make breakthroughs faster, to deliver key insights in a fraction of the time, to neutralize threats in just a few clicks. According to predictions by Gartner™, graph technology will be used in 80% of data and analytics projects by 2025. And we have every reason to believe this prediction is true.

Changing the paradigm - together.

With cutting edge graph technology, we make complex connected data easily accessible and intelligible to any data-driven researcher, analyst or investigator - that’s what we’ve been doing for more than 10 years now, with heart and passion. Changing the way they look at things and helping them follow their intuition, we empower both graph experts and novices to make the most of complex connected data - swiftly and precisely detecting and analyzing what remains otherwise hidden with traditional methods. And bring answers to the most challenging problems in today’s world. And tomorrow’s. It’s as simple as that.

"The emergence of graph analytics has revolutionized the way we look at data. With this, Linkurious’ story was born. We aim at empowering with cutting edge technology not only data scientists, but the masses, to help them solve some of the most complex business problems, with ease."
Sébastien HeymannCo-founder, CEO of Linkurious

Linkurious in numbers

4 world impact investigations

conducted with Linkurious technology: Swiss Leaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers and Pandora Papers


More than 7,000 experts trust Linkurious daily


of the biggest US banks have chosen and trust Linkurious


Founded in 2013, headquartered in France and privately owned.


offices in Montreuil, France, and Bethesda, USA


Nobel Peace Prize nomination for a customer combating dark money

They have made the leap forward

“Adding Linkurious Enterprise to our technical stack allows our clients and our non-technical Forensic colleagues to access new features, new possibilities to address their main challenges in a really easy way.”
Christophe da SilvaDirector of Data Analytics and eDiscovery
"Integrating Linkurious has helped us unlock the full potential of our data, tools and workflow. It saves us time, allowing us to gain insight much more quickly."
Frederick W. KaganDirector, Critical Threats Project
“Linkurious' graph visualization technology is a great asset. It's intuitive and easy to use for even the least tech-savvy investigators.”
Pierre RomeraChief Technology Officer, ICIJ
“Linkurious Enterprise is very user-friendly, which makes me feel like I’m in control and I can focus on my investigations.”
Michelle Kendler-KretschInvestigative Technology Specialist, The Sentry
"We are saving, per investigator, at least half an hour per day. And that time savings is incredible."
Paul KuehneHead of Special Investigation Unit, Zurich Insurance

Everyone has visionaries. These are ours.

Whether non-profit, public organizations, or Fortune 500 companies, our customers help expose the bad guys or make break-through discoveries. In both cases, they are our inspiration.


We are Linkurious

It goes without saying that our software makes us unique. But what makes us even more uncommon? Our people. Really. We’re a team of more than 12+ nationalities but our commitment is one. These differences bring us together, creating our own special powers of understanding things from different perspectives. We believe we each have the power to do extraordinary things and enable people to make an impact. We’re guided by strong values that help us achieve our mission. We embrace the fact that we are humans, striving to develop exceptional technology for others who are leading the way to preserve the good in the world. Let’s join forces.

Meet the managing team
Sébastien Heymann
Co-founder, CEO
David Rapin
Co-founder, CTO
Jean Villedieu
Co-founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Head of Products
Head of Partners & Alliances
Head of North America
Head of Marketing
Head of Customer Success
Head of Solutions Engineering
Head of DevOps
Lead Engineer, Visualization
Engineering Manager

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