This is Linkurious

At Linkurious, we provide the next generation of financial crime detection and investigation solutions. Simply powerful and powerfully simple, our technology helps teams of analysts and investigators in Global 2000 companies, governments, or non-profit organizations to prevent even the most sophisticated criminal networks from slipping through the cracks.

Why Linkurious

We’re on a mission:

Empowering unsung heroes to expose astute criminals.

It’s time to bring investigations out of the dark ages...

$4.5 trillion 😱. That’s the estimated amount of dirty money laundered in the world in 2020. And losses to fraud are estimated at 6% of the global GDP. This money is often linked to terrorism, drug and human trafficking, prostitution, violence, and dictatorships. To prevent detection, criminals use highly sophisticated schemes that are difficult to detect. We can do better than that.

...And bring criminal activity to light.

At Linkurious, we believe that the best financial crime investigation solutions should work smarter, not harder. That the ideal solutions focus not just on the technology, but provide superhuman-like strength to analysts and investigators. That the key to success is empowering the good—while exposing the bad. Because while we can’t stop crime completely, we can shine new light on new possibilities—ultimately detecting and neutralizing criminals sooner than ever before.

Changing the investigation paradigm - together.

Making complex connected data easily accessible and intelligible to any data-driven analyst or investigator - that’s what we do. We empower both graph experts and novices to swiftly and precisely detect and investigate sophisticated networks, suspicious behaviors, and hidden relationships that go unnoticed with traditional methods. By revealing the bigger picture, business leaders can keep control against multiple threats and increase the cost efficiency of anti-financial crime activities. It’s as simple as that.

"The emergence of graph analytics has revolutionized the way we look at data. With this, Linkurious’ story was born. We aim at empowering with cutting edge technology not only data scientists, but the masses, to help them solve some of the most complex business problems, with ease."
Sébastien Heymann Co-founder, CEO of Linkurious

Our manifesto

When you’re chasing criminals, you chase in the shadows. When you’re chasing criminals, it’s not the black of night that is feared – but those who lurk within it. Because while the light brings warmth and brightness to the good, the bad find comfort in the cloak of darkness. At Linkurious, we believe you can’t catch what you can’t see. And know that while there are criminals who hide in the dark, there are also heroes who stand in the light. And we are dedicated to helping them see what is otherwise hidden. To catch criminal activity, you must observe every detail. Find the smallest crumb and assign meaning. And follow the data – and listen to your instinct. At Linkurious, we build financial crime detection and investigation solutions that enable the heroes, and paralyze the criminals. Our solutions are intuitive, yet calculated. Friendly, yet merciless. Adaptive, yet rigorous. We build these solutions to enable our customers to find criminal networks. Faster. Easier. Clearer. Because it’s time criminal activity detection and investigation was brought out of the dark ages, and criminal activity was brought to light.

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Linkurious in numbers

4 world impact investigations

conducted with Linkurious technology: Swiss Leaks, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers and Pandora Papers


More than 3,000 experts trust Linkurious daily


Customers spanning 5 continents


of the biggest US banks have chosen and trust Linkurious


Founded in 2013, headquartered in France and privately owned.


offices in Montreuil, France, and Bethesda, USA


Nobel Peace Prize nomination for a customer combating dark money

Everyone has heroes. These are ours.

Whether non-profit, public organizations, or Fortune 500 companies, our customers help expose the bad guys or make break-through discoveries. In both cases, they are our inspiration.

They have made the leap forward

Christophe Da Silva Deloitte
“Adding Linkurious Enterprise to our technical stack allows our clients and our non-technical Forensic colleagues to access new features, new possibilities to address their main challenges in a really easy way.”
Christophe da Silva Director of Data Analytics and eDiscovery

We are Linkurious

It goes without saying that our software makes us unique. But what makes us even more uncommon? Our people. Really. We’re a team of more than 12+ nationalities but our commitment is one. These differences bring us together, creating our own special powers of understanding things from different perspectives. We believe we each have the power to do extraordinary things and enable people to make an impact. We’re guided by strong values that help us achieve our mission. We embrace the fact that we are humans, striving to develop exceptional technology for others who are leading the way to preserve the good in the world. Let’s join forces.

Meet the managing team
Sébastien Heymann Linkedin
Co-founder, CEO
David Rapin Linkedin
Co-founder, CTO
Jean Villedieu Linkedin
Co-founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Josselin Linkedin
Head of Product
Tania Linkedin
Head of Design
Marilyne Linkedin
Head of Customer Success
Philippe Linkedin
Head of Sales
Matthieu Linkedin
Head of Partners & Alliances
Silvain Linkedin
Head of Marketing
Maxime Linkedin
Lead Engineer Frontend
Andrea Linkedin
Lead Solutions Engineer
Alexander Linkedin
Lead Engineer, Visualization

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