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Our mission is your mission

When there’s undetected money laundering and fraud, that only means two things for your organization: revenue loss and compliance risks. But organized criminals today use ever-evolving technology to beat down your defenses. Our mission is to fight fire with fire - and give you the best tools to supercharge your investigations and neutralize threats. To make your life easier, and the criminals’ lives harder. Linkurious is the best partner to help you fight crime today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Harder on them, easier on you

When you’re busy chasing criminals, it can feel daunting to also spend time understanding complicated new technology. At Linkurious, we got you. That’s why we created a uniquely human-centric system that works the way you think. With each new feature we build, the guiding principle remains the same: the ideal solutions focus not just on the technology, but the superhuman strength they give to investigators and analysts.

We’re here to do good

When you’re in the business of helping the good guys, you can’t afford to say no to those who are outside of the business world. That’s why we are proud to provide our technology free of charge to NGOs who are working to make the world better. From the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists bringing the Panama Papers story to the world, to Justice For Myanmar exposing the illicit funding of the corrupt Myanmar military, Linkurious is hard at work for whoever needs a hand.

Take back control. Bring criminal activity to light. The power is yours.

The most complicated benefit is making it simple

Our graph approach makes it easy for technical and non-technical users alike to detect, investigate, and manage your data to uncover insights other solutions just can’t.

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Linkurious Enterprise allows you to

confirm-blue Eliminate blindspots with a 360° view
confirm-blue Reduce your time to insights
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See how we’re making a difference

Industry-leading organizations are using Linkurious to give them the superhuman powers to fight against financial crime. Here’s how they’re doing it

How the ICIJ unraveled the Panama Papers

Learn how the ICIJs investigators unveiled fraudulent schemes from the Panama Papers data leaks.

BforBank detects and investigates fraud faster with Linkurious

Learn how Bforbank’s fraud and compliance unit is stopping sophisticated fraud in its tracks with Linkurious Enterprise.

Delivering disruptive technology to more efficiently combat financial crime

Deloitte is partnering with Linkurious to deliver powerful investigative technology to their clients fighting against financial and economic crime.

Zurich Insurance reduces case triage by 30% with Linkurious

Linkurious Enterprise helped Zurich Insurance gain precious time and better investigate complex fraud networks.

Leonardo Brizi Deloitte
“Using Linkurious functionalities, our clients are able to reconstruct connections involving multiple levels of separation that would be impossible to identify with the traditional systems available to the investigation team.”
Leonardo Brizi Senior Manager at Deloitte Forensic

Our partners

We have partnerships with leading organizations around the world. We work together to meet your specific business needs.