Empower every team involved in stopping financial crime with a full understanding of the context around your clients

Your challenge


Protecting your organization from financial crime means outsmarting increasingly sophisticated criminals - under the pressure of authorities, competitors and even sometimes colleagues.


Siloed information, outdated technology and fragmented efforts are leading to ineffective detection and investigation of threats.


Keeping the status quo means money losses, compliance risks and poor customer experience.

Get to the bottom of your investigations 10X faster


Fraud and compliance teams can make fast and accurate decisions based on a full understanding of the situation


Detect complex schemes such as money mules, synthetic identities or trade-based money laundering to lower compliance risks and fraud costs


Less time chasing scattered information - work smarter and get the most out of your existing team

Match our platform to your needs


Add new alerts or advanced visualization options to existing tools (eg case management system) with Linkurious’ modular architecture and APIs


Deploy on-premise or in the cloud depending on your company policy


Ensure the security of sensitive data with compatibility with standard authentication services (LDAP, OpenID, SAML2) and support of fine grained access controls


Enhance your capabilities instead of replacing everything to limit risks and accelerate results

Look at risks across the entire organization


Look at risk holistically across products, stages of the client journey and beyond the lines of AML, fraud or trade surveillance


Identify suspicious connections and complex patterns to uncover hidden threats


Reduce the need for duplicate efforts to increase the impact of your investments

Our Solutions



Financial Crime


Anti-money laundering


We're making a difference

BforBank stops 20% more fraud cases

BforBank switched to Linkurious Enterprise to build a 360° view of its customer data. In the process BforBank increased the number of identified fraud cases by 20% and increased the speed of investigations by 10X.

How Ria Money Transfer reduced investigation time for complex cases by 80%

Discover how Ria Money Transfer has strengthened their anti-money laundering investigation capabilities resulting in faster investigations and the ability to better meet regulatory expectations.

Zurich Insurance reduces fraud case triage time an average of 30%

Zurich Insurance was able to reduce their fraud case triage time by an average of 30% - allowing them to not only work more efficiently and optimize the time of their account fraud team, but also to create a better customer experience.

How it works

On-premise or in the cloud, real time or batch, scale to billions of nodes and edges - Linkurious Enterprise has you covered.

Identify relevant data sources

Leverage existing internal (KYC, transactions, scoring) and external data (PEP, watchlists, company registries), no matter where it’s coming from.

Turn your data into a graph

Direct compatibility with Neo4j and Azure Cosmos DB. Use graph analytics and machine learning to fuse multiple data sources into a single unified source of truth.

Identify anomalies

Leverage pre-built alerts or build your own graph queries and ML models to identify suspicious activities.

Give access to your team

Compatible with LDAP/Active Directory, SSO (Azure AD, SAML2). Ability to manage fine grained access rights.

Set up your investigations

Customize the user interface based on the specifics of your data and use case. Embed new capabilities into existing tools via a REST API.

PEP & Sanctions screening like you’ve never seen before.

Experience a new way to search, visualize and analyze millions of open data records in one single interface.

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