Visualize and search Azure Cosmos DB graph data

An intuitive and easy-to-use graph visualization and analytics platform that makes the complex data within Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB easily accessible and intelligible to any business analyst.

Advanced graph visualization made simple

icon-confirm-blue 1,000s of analysts throughout the world use Linkurious Enterprise in mission-critical investigations

icon-confirm-blue Leverage time filters, geospatial layouts and more to make sense of the most complex graphs

icon-confirm-blue Use Gremlin to turn advanced investigation workflows into dynamic forms or buttons

icon-confirm-blue Add new nodes, create categories or edit properties without any line of code

Built for teams

icon-confirm-blue Easily share visualizations between users for effective collaboration

icon-confirm-blue Flexible REST API to integrate with existing tools such as PowerBI and case management software

icon-confirm-blue Advanced access rights management and authentication (SSO, LDAP, Azure AD) to secure sensitive data

icon-confirm-blue Deploy in the cloud or on premise

Use Cases

Financial crime



Data governance

Introducing Linkurious Enterprise

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

Whoever said you can't have it all never talked to us. Linkurious Enterprise is a financial crime investigation software that's both powerful and easy.

Case Management

Keep your investigations running like a well-oiled machine.


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“Linkurious Enterprise is critical for link analysis and pattern detection. Its Azure Cosmos DB connector combined with its REST API allows full integration with tools such as Power BI to offer a powerful solution built for both technical and non-technical users.”
Matthieu BesozziHead of Partners & Alliances, Linkurious