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Those fighting for a world with less fraud, corruption, and other crimes deserve tools that are up to the job. That’s why it only makes sense that we are doing our part to make life easier for the crime fighters, and harder for criminals.

Linkurious for NGOs

Giving superhuman strength to the individuals and organizations investigating financial crime is our mission. To help accomplish that, we can provide a license to NGOs fighting corruption, war crimes, tax evasion, and more. We select NGOs based on:

The meaningful and positive impact their project will have
Their ability to get value out of Linkurious
The project use case
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The ICIJ: empowering journalism for global justice

The ICIJ specializes in stories that expose global financial injustice including the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers, the Pandora Papers, and the FinCEN Files.

Their investigators have used Linkurious since 2014 to untangle massive amounts of data and expose illicit money flows and harmful secrecy in the global banking system. The ICIJ was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the Panama Papers story, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in documenting corruption and dark money flows.

Linkurious for Good heroes

Global NGOs use Linkurious to get to the bottom of corruption, war crimes, tax evasion, and more. Here are their latest accomplishments.

Mapping financial connections to fight violence & corruption

To understand and expose the source of power of the violent and corrupt Myanmar military, Justice For Myanmar followed the money with Linkurious.

The investigative technology behind the Pandora Papers

How did the ICIJ and their media partners around the world investigate the most expansive leak of tax haven files in history?

How Obsalytics mapped the Syrian regime’s connections and financial flows

The NGO aims at understanding the main power structures and financial flows in Syria and democratizing that information by making it available for the general public, the media, and researchers.

Combating pet trafficking with graph technology

Discover they helped animal welfare associations and authorities dismantle pet trafficking networks through the collection and analysis of online data.

How Global Witness is using new technology to expose corrupt networks

Global Witness takes us behind the scenes of their investigation “Narco-A-Lago: Money Laundering at the Trump Ocean Club, Panama”.

Critical Threats Project delivers timely, actionable intelligence

The Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute had to analyze multiple intelligence data sources to generate insights about networks of people and events to understand threats to US national security.

Panama Papers: How Linkurious enables ICIJ to investigate the massive Mossack Fonseca leaks

ICIJ's network of 370 journalists has used Linkurious to investigate the Panama Papers. Learn the inside story of the biggest data leak investigation in history.

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