Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower

The investigation software that keeps up with the most sophisticated networks

Powered by graph analytics, it enables teams of data-driven analysts or investigators to gain a deeper understanding of the context around a case, uncover suspicious activity or hidden accomplices, and drive better decision making all so they can say “case closed” in no time.

Empower. Supercharge. Expose.

Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower is an off-the-shelf software that can be seamlessly and securely connected to your existing systems. Empower your team with advanced investigation and detection capabilities, supercharge your alerts with powerful graph analytics, and expose sophisticated networks or schemes in the blink of an eye.


Prevent illicit activity from slipping through the cracks

Today's criminals know how to outsmart statistical rules and machine-learning-based models. Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower automatically detects complex patterns that span across multiple entities - be it synthetic identities, networks of money mules, or something altogether different. Identify connections across different alerts to consolidate them into a single case, reduce false positives and negatives, and focus on making faster, more informed decisions.

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Bring context and speed to your investigations

Missing key insights can often lead to financial loss or reputational damage and criminal activity that continues to go unnoticed. Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower allows you to easily and dynamically explore your complex data at scale - getting you to the bottom of an investigation both quickly and hassle-free. Increase the speed of your investigations by up to 10x - all without compromising on quality and ease-of-use.

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Seamlessly increase your team's productivity and efficiency

From adding visualization capabilities to your investigations to enhancing case management with graph-powered alerts, Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower has your back. Seamlessly connect to your existing systems with a powerful API and keep your investigations secure by deploying on premise or in the cloud. Take your investigations one step further by collaborating across your entire team or organization and maintaining control over who has access to what with advanced access rights.

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What's new

Graph-Powered Alerts

Keep even the most complex criminal schemes and networks from going undetected with advanced alerts - capable of signaling when multiple patterns emerge within a single case and deduplicating cases to reduce false negatives and false positives.

  • Easily edit and manage your queries to create graph-based detection rules and alerts
  • Combine multiple detection rules into a single alert
  • Get a snapshot of your alert results directly within the case view
  • Make quick informed decisions with rich case-specific attributes
Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration and organization is at the cornerstone of team productivity. With Spaces, you can keep your team's operations running smoothly and efficiently by enabling groups of users to easily share their work at the team or enterprise level.

  • Create an unlimited number of shared spaces to ensure access to relevant visualizations
  • Share multiple visualizations at once with your team
  • Keep ownership of your visualizations secure
Maintain Control
Resource Management

Admin users can easily track and manage all of your organization's resources from Query Templates to Custom Actions to facilitate resource sharing between users or groups.

  • Easily manage all of your organizations resources in one place
  • Define resource managers’ privileges for each type of resource
  • Create, rename or edit and delete resources
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They have made the leap forward

"We see graph technology as a fundamental ingredient to make the fight against financial crime more effective and efficient. Linkurious is the key player in terms of maturity, features, and capacity to further develop."
Christophe da SilvaDirector of Data Analytics and eDiscovery, Deloitte
"Linkurious Enterprise is very user-friendly, which makes me feel like I'm in control and I can focus on my investigations."
Michelle Kendler-KretschInvestigative Technology Specialist, The Sentry
"We are able to identify patterns and ramifications of unusual transactions that were impossible to achieve with a traditional approach. Furthermore, when we repeat an analysis executed before having graph technology, we find additional connections that we missed on the first analysis."
Miguel AguadoCompliance Director Asia Pacific, Ria Money Transfer
"Adding Linkurious on top of the graph data structure lets users visualize things quickly and cleanly, in a user-friendly way. It’s intuitive. We’re really able to make these relationships come to life.”
Brady KeyDirector of Software Development, RS21

Getting Started

Whether it’s your first, second, or even tenth project, Linkurious lends a helping hand in getting you up and running with Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower. Rest assured knowing our professionals are here to help when it matters most. Because your success is our success.


We’ll start by defining your use case and success metrics and ensuring you have the right resources involved from the get-go.

Architecture & Data Preparation

Determine hardware requirements, server or cloud infrastructure delivery, identify your data & graph data model and explore integration needs.

Installation & Configuration

If it’s not already the case, your data is integrated into a graph database and the setup of Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower will begin.


You’ll have access to our Linkurious Academy which includes comprehensive admin and end user training and certifications.

Business Value

Finally, we’ll help you run business tests and evaluate your ROI and user adoption. You’ll also have the opportunity to enroll in several workshops.

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