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New team members often ask, “Is this company for real?” The answer is simple: Yes. Working at Linkurious is a different experience, there are no bad surprises - only good ones. And while we strive for continual improvement, most are surprised by our culture, our humility, and comment about how open-minded, approachable, supportive, and smart our people are. Because at Linkurious, it's all about the people. Always. Forget the “corporate” attitude. Instead, we push to do our best at all times for everyone’s sake. Because it’s not enough our customers have a great experience - our team members need one, too. For many, we are considered the best team they’ve ever joined. Just ask our people.

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“What I’m so proud of is our Linkurious for Good program. We truly help organizations make a positive impact in the world. Our technology has contributed to conducting groundbreaking investigations like the Panama Papers for instance. It has actually encouraged policymakers to take new measures against tax evasion or money laundering! But I’m also dealing with investigators who are exposing financial flows or people connected to violent dictatorships, corruption or war crimes. So inspiring!”
HuongAccount Executive
“I just love our customers. Most of them are visionary crime fighters! They have to find innovative ways to outsmart criminals. They do their job with humility even as they often face mission critical challenges and deal with issues of global importance. We often say they are like heroes. That inspires me everyday to drive innovation.”
AndreaLead Solutions Engineer
“It’s exciting to imagine the investigation solutions of tomorrow! At Linkurious, I develop new applications of cutting edge technologies that will help thousands and thousands of people overcome the shortcomings of traditional tools and give them new super powers. I feel like we are creating a whole new range of possibilities.”
CheickSoftware Engineer

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We know there are other important things in life than work

That sounds obvious but we mean it. Although we work hard, we’re NOT robots. That’s why we keep sane working hours and ensure everyone makes room for family, friends, and themselves. We take pride in and protect work-life balance for the sake of everyone’s health and productivity. Isn’t it logical?

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A workplace where all are welcomeDiversity and inclusion have been in our DNA since the beginning and we’re deeply convinced that it makes us smarter. Turns out, we were onto something! Recent research has confirmed that diversity and inclusion is not only socially correct, but also drives innovation and performance. At Linkurious, we are proud to welcome everyone, accepting all on their terms. And we are committed to provide an environment where team members can not only do their best work, but feel respected, safe, equally treated, and valued.
Case in point: while women may not represent the tech industry, at Linkurious, women represent more than 40% of our team members. Our team members also represent more than 12 different nationalities - with each of us speaking at least two different languages !
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