Visualize everything connected to a suspicious client in 30 seconds

It takes more than simple rules to expose fraudsters before it’s too late. With legacy technologies that make it difficult to adapt to emerging threats and quickly analyze new cases, financial investigation teams are struggling to keep fraud losses down.

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See even their most complex connections - in 30 seconds

By combining the power of machine learning with graph analytics, Linkurious Enterprise allows you to build a comprehensive network of your clients and their connections, in seconds. So whether you need to view the full context surrounding a suspicious client or transaction, dynamically filter data, explore new relationships, or take down entire fraud networks, we’ve got your back.

Expose up to 20% more fraud schemes

Whether it’s synthetic identities, insider loan fraud, referral abuse, or fake insurance claims, professional fraudster tactics are difficult to detect without a holistic view of the networks around clients and transactions. Linkurious Enterprise uses graph analytics to uncover complex hidden connections in your data and reveal criminal behaviors that would go undetected with traditional rule systems.

How it works

On-premise or in the cloud, real time or batch, scale to billions of nodes and edges - Linkurious Enterprise has you covered.

Identify relevant data sources

Leverage existing internal (KYC, transactions, scoring) and external data (PEP, watchlists, company registries), no matter where it’s coming from.

Turn your data into a graph

Direct compatibility with Neo4j and Azure Cosmos DB. Use graph analytics and machine learning to fuse multiple data sources into a single unified source of truth.

Identify anomalies

Leverage pre-built alerts or build your own graph queries and ML models to identify suspicious activities.

Give access to your team

Compatible with LDAP/Active Directory, SSO (Azure AD, SAML2). Ability to manage fine grained access rights.

Set up your investigations

Customize the user interface based on the specifics of your data and use case. Embed new capabilities into existing tools via a REST API.


We're making a difference

Zurich Insurance reduces fraud case triage time an average of 30%

Zurich Insurance was able to reduce their fraud case triage time by an average of 30% - allowing them to not only work more efficiently and optimize the time of their account fraud team, but also to create a better customer experience.

Delivering disruptive technology to more efficiently combat financial crime

Deloitte is partnering with Linkurious to deliver powerful investigative technology to their clients fighting against financial and economic crime.

BforBank stops 20% more fraud cases

BforBank switched to Linkurious Enterprise to build a 360Β° view of its customer data. In the process, BforBank increased the number of identified fraud cases by 20% and increased the speed of investigations by 10X.

Outsmarting fraudsters with next-generation technology

Discover practical insights for fraud leaders to uncover sophisticated schemes and accelerate investigations.


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