Unmask fincrime with Dataiku DSS and Linkurious Enterprise

Combine data science and graph analytics to detect and investigate even the smartest criminals.

Empower your investigators with the data and insights from Dataiku DSS

icon-confirm-blue 1,000s of analysts throughout the world use Linkurious Enterprise in mission-critical investigations

icon-confirm-blue Turn predictions and risk scores from Dataiku DSS into alerts and cases

icon-confirm-blue Allow investigators to visualize and explore the complex context around clients, alerts or transactions to uncover insights and make decisions

icon-confirm-blue Leverage the insights from investigators to train your machine learning models

Combine ML and graph analytics for better anomaly detection

icon-confirm-blue Connect Dataiku DSS and Linkurious Enterprise to Neo4j to analyze suspicious connections across billions of nodes and edges in real time

icon-confirm-blue Decrease false negatives and false positives by combining machine learning and graph analytics into one unified platform

icon-confirm-blue Detect communities, evaluate influence or identify complex patterns: graph algorithms can be used to directly uncover suspicious behaviors or to feed your machine learning models

An agile and effective approach to anti-financial crime

icon-confirm-blue Cover the full investigation journey from data management to case management via a modular architecture to maximize agility

icon-confirm-blue Enhance an existing case management system with new alerts and advanced visualization or deliver an end-to-end financial crime solution

icon-confirm-blue Combine best of breed products to deliver industry leading results in both data science and graph analytics

Introducing Linkurious Enterprise

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

Whoever said you can't have it all never talked to us. Linkurious Enterprise is a financial crime investigation software that's both powerful and easy.


Prevent criminal activity from going unnoticed

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