Stop criminals in their tracks no matter how they hide

Phone records, bank transfers, open source information: how to bring together different sources of information to unmask criminals and identify their accomplices? Spending too much time chasing information or missing a critical clue can have direct consequences.

Discover Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower

Unmask smart criminals

Phones, bank accounts, social media accounts, physical addresses: identifying suspicious connections can reveal suspicious activities or potential accomplices. Luck and instinct alone are not enough when faced with large volumes of disparate data. That’s why we use graph analytics to uncover complex hidden connections in your data, revealing criminal behaviors that would otherwise go undetected.

Get to the bottom of your investigations 10X faster

We build a comprehensive view of your entities of interest’s networks and connections by combining machine learning and graph analytics, giving you the full context surrounding a suspicious individual or situation in seconds. That means you can follow your intuition and dynamically filter data or explore new relationships as well as make decisions with the certainty you understand the full picture.

Make sure your data remains safe

Linkurious Enterprise can be deployed on premise, even in environments cut off from the internet. Ensure the security of sensitive data with compatibility with standard authentication services (LDAP, OpenID, SAML2) and support of fine grained access controls. Our modular architecture and API helps you integrate new capabilities into existing tools and processes without disruption.

How it works

On-premise or in the cloud, real time or batch, scale to billions of nodes and edges - Linkurious Enterprise has you covered.

Identify relevant data sources

Leverage existing internal and external data (PEP, watchlists, company registries), no matter where it’s coming from.

Turn your data into a graph

Direct compatibility with Neo4j and Azure Cosmos DB. Use graph analytics and machine learning to fuse multiple data sources into a single unified source of truth.

Identify anomalies

Leverage pre-built alerts or build your own graph queries and ML models to identify suspicious activities.

Give access to your team

Compatible with LDAP/Active Directory, SSO (Azure AD, SAML2). Ability to manage fine grained access rights.

Set up your investigations

Customize the user interface based on the specifics of your data and use case. Embed new capabilities into existing tools via a REST API.


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