Detect and investigate insights hidden in Neo4j

Connect Linkurious Enterprise to Neo4j and offer investigation teams a turnkey solution to detect and investigate the threats hidden in graph data.

From 0 to graph expert in minutes

icon-confirm-blue 1,000s of analysts throughout the world use Linkurious Enterprise in mission-critical investigations

icon-confirm-blue Leverage time filters, geospatial layouts and more to make sense of the most complex graphs

icon-confirm-blue Use Cypher to turn advanced investigation workflows into dynamic forms or buttons

icon-confirm-blue Add new nodes, create categories or edit properties without any line of code

Work as a team

icon-confirm-blue Easily share visualizations between users for effective collaboration

icon-confirm-blue Flexible REST API to integrate with existing tools such as BI tools and case management software

icon-confirm-blue Advanced access rights management and authentication to secure sensitive data

icon-confirm-blue Deploy in the cloud or on premise

Detect hidden insights

icon-confirm-blue Monitor your graph and generate alerts based on Cypher queries

icon-confirm-blue Visualize, classify and annotate alerts in a single view to streamline processing

icon-confirm-blue Control access to alerts with flexible permissions


Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

Whoever said you can't have it all never talked to us. Linkurious Enterprise is a financial crime investigation software that's both powerful and easy.


Prevent criminal activity from going unnoticed

Case Management


“Several factors motivated the choice of the Linkurious solution, notably the bundle offered by the company. An off-the-shelf visualization and analysis software along with the Neo4j graph database solution was a perfect fit for us.”
Alexandre Dressayre Chief Compliance Officer, BforBank

Use Cases


Financial crime



Data governance