Linkurious Enterprise Explorer

Powerful and intuitive graph visualization software built for teams

Whether you’re a small team or working at the enterprise level, your graph data visualization and exploration software should be more than just a pretty face. Linkurious Enterprise Explorer is an off-the-shelf tool that keeps up with the demands of your day-to-day activities, helps you do big things - simply, and seamlessly integrates with leading graph databases.

It’s more than just a pretty face - it’s powerful too.

Having a complete and interactive view of your data means you can identify insights that might otherwise go unnoticed, faster. With intuitive ways to harness your data, you can quickly and easily search, display, explore new avenues, and remove non-relevant information. That means you can accelerate your data exploration and analysis and ensure you’re making the right call - in just a few clicks.

Intuitive graph visualization at your fingertips

Linkurious Enterprise Explorer provides an intuitive and customizable interface that allows technical and non-technical users alike to easily explore their data at scale. It works the way you think to better facilitate your data exploration and adapt to your specific needs. Simply follow your intuition and seamlessly navigate through even the most complex dataset in a unified view.

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Seamlessly collaborate across your entire team or enterprise

Whether you're collaborating across your team, department, or on the enterprise level, ensuring the right people have access to the right assets is essential. Linkurious Enterprise Explorer is a graph visualization software built for teams - seamlessly share, store, and classify your team’s visualizations, while easing the onboarding or offboarding of users.

What's New

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration and organization is at the cornerstone of team productivity. With Spaces, you can keep your team's operations running smoothly and efficiently by enabling groups of users to easily share their work at the team or enterprise level.

  • Create an unlimited number of shared spaces to ensure access to relevant visualizations
  • Share multiple visualizations at once with your team
  • Keep ownership of your visualizations secure

Maintain Control
Resource Management

Admin users can easily track and manage all of your organization's resources, from Query Templates to Custom Actions to facilitate resource sharing between users or groups.

  • Easily manage all of your organizations resources in one place
  • Define resource managers' privileges for each type of resource
  • Create, rename or edit and delete assets


They have made the leap forward

Christophe Da Silva Deloitte
"We see graph technology as a fundamental ingredient to make the fight against financial crime more effective and efficient. Linkurious is the key player in terms of maturity, features, and capacity to further develop."
Christophe da Silva Director of Data Analytics and eDiscovery, Deloitte

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