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Linkurious Enterprise v1.8: Neo4j 3.2, DSE Graph Authentication and MSSQL internal data store

April 14, 2017

The new major release of our graph visualization software Linkurious Enterprise is now available!
Named Acrobatic Armadillo, Linkurious Enterprise v1.8 is compatible with Neo4j 3.2 and DataStax Enterprise Graph authentication. Linkurious can run as a service in Windows environments and MSSQL can be used as an internal user-data store.

New features of Linkurious Enterprise v1.8

Support for Neo4j 3.2

Linkurious Enterprise v1.8 is compatible with Neo4j 3.2 thanks to a new Neo4j HTTP/HTTPS connector. The driver can handle Neo4j versions ranging from 2.0 to 3.2.x, including latest alpha and beta releases.

Support for DSE Graph authentication

It is now possible to implement a DSE Graph authentication system within Linkurious Enterprise v1.8. Administrators can add DSE graph login information in the Linkurious configuration file to ensure secure access to their data.

Compatibility with MSSQL

Linkurious Enterprise uses a SQL database to store visualizations, users, user groups, and access rights. This new version is compatible with MSSQL.¬†Administrators can choose between a file-based database ‚Äď SQLite ‚Äď or server-based databases ‚Äď MySQL, MariaDB and now MSSQL. You will find the configuration instructions in the¬†Administration Manual.

Install Linkurious Enterprise as a service in Windows environments

Linkurious Enterprise 1.8 can be installed and run as a service application in your Windows environments. We redeveloped our process manager to offer an improved experience in every OS environments. Admin can configure Linkurious Enterprise to start automatically, survive user logons/logoffs, and run without user intervention.

Noteworthy improvements

Add extra Certificate Authorities (CA) certificates

In Linkurious Enterprise v1.8, administrators can now add additional Certificate Authorities certificates (including self-signed ones) to the default built-in list of Certificate Authorities (CA). CA are used to check the validity of SSL certificates when communicating with third-party servers (graph databases, search engines).

Bug fixes

  • Authentication no longer fails when multiple session cookies are detected.
  • Changes for user preference update automatically.
  • Visualization can be saved with an image palette.

What’s next

For the next release, we are preparing a complete revamp of Linkurious client. Numerous new features will be available in the interface such as undo-redo for an improved user experience. Stay tuned!

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