The only graph intelligence software that’s both powerful and easy to use

Linkurious Enterprise harnesses the power of graph analytics, creating a holistic view of the entities most relevant to your business (people, transactions, companies, and more) and their relationships. Quickly uncover key information that would otherwise go undetected and turn your data analysis from painful to painless.

How it works

Linkurious Enterprise is a powerful yet intuitive off-the-shelf data visualization and analytics software that leverages powerful graph analytics to enhance each step of the investigation and data analysis process. This provides technical and non technical users with a deep understanding of relationships and context to drive better decision making.


Derive key insights, faster

Missing key insights can often skew the outcome of your investigations or data exploration. Linkurious Enterprise allows you to dynamically explore and scale your complex connected data both quickly and seamlessly. Decrease the time-to-results by up to 10x - all without compromising on quality and ease-of-use.

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Leave no stone unturned

Linkurious Enterprise automatically detects complex patterns, unusual communities or influential entities within large, complex datasets of billions of nodes and relationships. With Linkurious Enterprise, you can uncover insights that other solutions fail to signal and answer business critical questions or take more informed decisions.

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Case Management

Built for teams.

Linkurious Enterprise allows you to manage your assets and workflows all in one place to increase your teams' productivity and efficiency. That means you can save, share, and collaborate at the enterprise level.

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They have made the leap forward

Christophe Da Silva Deloitte
“Linkurious Enterprise allows non-technical people to access graph capabilities in a friendly way. All the complexity is removed for the end user who can access very powerful graph exploration capabilities via simple actions.”
Christophe da Silva Director of Data Analytics and eDiscovery

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Getting started

On-premise or in the cloud, real time or batch, scale to billions of nodes and edges - Linkurious Enterprise has you covered.

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Identify relevant data sources

Leverage existing internal (KYC, transactions, scoring) and external data, no matter where it’s coming from.

Turn your data into a graph

Direct compatibility with Neo4j and Azure Cosmos DB. Use graph analytics and machine learning to fuse multiple data sources into a single unified source of truth.

Identify anomalies

Leverage pre-built alerts or build your own graph queries and ML models to identify suspicious activities.

Give access to your team

Compatible with LDAP/Active Directory, SSO (Azure AD, SAML2). Ability to manage fine grained access rights.

Set up your investigations

Customize the user interface based on the specifics of your data and use case. Embed new capabilities into existing tools via a REST API.