Seamlessly increase your teams productivity and efficiency

Bad actors often work together to fly under the radar, so why shouldn’t you? With Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower, collaborating across your organization is a breeze. No matter how small or large your investigation may be, keeping up with mission-critical cases requires that your investigation software be built for teams. Ours is.

Keep your team in sync

With Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower, you can create an unlimited number of shared spaces where your teams can access relevant investigations with ease. Need to get more eyes on your investigation? Simply add a comment and tag your team members directly within the visualization. Not only that, but you can keep track of the progress of each case and see who’s assigned to what.

Create shared spaces for your teams to store and collaborate on investigations all in one place and ease the onboarding and offboarding of your users.

As you’re working, keep track of your progress or new insights directly within your visualization through comments.

Keep track of who’s working on what by easily assigning team members to different cases and filtering cases by assignment.

Maintain control of your assets

Keeping your assets secure and in the right hands is key to facilitating collaboration. Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower lets you easily track and manage all of your organization's assets in one place - from Query Templates that allow you to reduce repetitive investigation steps to Custom Actions that allow you to explore beyond what’s in your graph data to facilitate resource sharing between users or groups.

Make the most of your current tools and processes

Need to add visualization capabilities to a customer dashboard? Want to add new graph-based alerts to an existing case management system? Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower’s API allows you to seamlessly enrich your existing tools and processes. Quickly launch your favorite applications directly within your investigation through Custom Actions. Deploy on premise or in the cloud, manage access rights and user roles and can catch some z’s knowing your data is safe and sound.

Seamlessly connect to your existing systems to enhance existing tools and processes.

Seamlessly pivot between Linkurious Enterprise and your favorite applications to leverage insights beyond what’s in your graph data.

See it in action!

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Our customers bring illicit activity to light

"Collecting different information from different sources manually takes a lot of time. With Linkurious Enterprise, triage is faster and more efficient."
Paul Kuhne Head of Special Investigation Unit, Zurich Insurance

We're making a difference

BforBank stops 20% more fraud cases

BforBank switched to Linkurious Enterprise to build a 360° view of its customer data. In the process BforBank increased the number of identified fraud cases by 20% and increased the speed of investigations by 10X.

Zurich Insurance reduces fraud case triage time an average of 30%

Zurich Insurance was able to reduce their fraud case triage time by an average of 30% - allowing them to not only work more efficiently and optimize the time of their account fraud team, but also to create a better customer experience.


Prevent illicit activity from slipping through the cracks.

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Bring context and speed to your investigations at last.

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