Prevent illicit activity from slipping through the cracks

Staying ahead of illicit activity requires keeping up with even the most sophisticated patterns from the get-go. That means supercharging your alerts with cutting-edge graph analytics that automatically uncover what traditional systems fail to signal - be it networks of money mules, synthetic identities, and much more.

Focus on real suspicious cases

Not only is Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower natively built to detect complex networks, but it can also detect weak signals in your data that may be part of something larger by combining multiple graph-based detection rules and consolidating them within a single case, ultimately reducing your caseload and volume of false positives. And what traditional detection systems fail to uncover, Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower doesn’t - keeping your organization protected against increased risk.

Easily edit and manage your queries with simple graph query languages to create sophisticated detection rules.

Calculate up to 40 attributes to your cases - including from external sources like scoring engines - to make more informed decisions.

Keep your investigations running like a well-oiled machine

With Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower, it’s possible to reduce your time-to-case resolution by managing the entire investigation cycle. In fact, you can assign cases to different team members, see exactly which cases are opened or in progress, and better prioritize your workload with a complete snapshot of your cases. And when you’re ready, you can collaborate directly within the visualization interface - all to keep your investigations running smoothly.

The case view allows you to quickly view and prioritize your caseload. Easily filter your cases to reduce noise and stay focused.

Ensure your cases are in the hands of the right person. Quickly assign cases to different team members and discover who’s working on what.

Comment and tag your team members on cases, add notes about a case, and log case changes directly within your investigation interface.

See it in action!

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Our customers bring illicit activity to light

"The first pattern we set up was one related to phishing fraud. The system reports cases where clients have multiple and suspicious connection behaviors."
Alexandre DressayreChief Compliance Officer, BforBank (Credit Agricole)

We're making a difference

How the ICIJ unraveled the Panama Papers

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists gathered 350+ journalists throughout the world to investigate the Panama Papers. With the help of Linkurious Enterprise, the journalists were able to shed light on corruption, money-laundering, tax evasion and drug trafficking stories.

BforBank stops 20% more fraud cases

BforBank switched to Linkurious Enterprise to build a 360° view of its customer data. In the process BforBank increased the number of identified fraud cases by 20% and increased the speed of investigations by 10X.

How Ria Money Transfer reduced investigation time of complex cases by 80%

Discover how Ria Money Transfer strengthened their fraud and anti-money laundering investigation capabilities resulting in faster investigations and the ability to better meet regulatory expectations.


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