Bring context and speed to your investigations

When it comes to stopping illicit activity in its tracks, time is of the essence. With Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower, you can accelerate your investigations by up to 10x. Rest assured knowing the important information that drives your investigation lies right before your eyes. In other words, no more blindspots that cloud your judgment and hinder your ability to make informed decisions.

Quickly uncover hidden insights

Having a complete and interactive view of your data means you can identify insights that might otherwise go unnoticed, faster. With intuitive ways to harness your data, you can quickly and easily search, display, explore new avenues, and remove non-relevant information. That means you can accelerate your investigations and ensure you’re making the right call - in just a few clicks.

Intuitively enhance your investigations

Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower provides an intuitive and customizable interface that allows technical and non-technical users alike to easily explore their data at scale. It works the way you think to better facilitate your investigations and adapt to your specific needs. Simply follow your intuition, spot anomalies, and seamlessly navigate through even the most complex dataset in a unified view.

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Our customers bring illicit activity to light

"Linkurious can really help organizations to refocus their resources on high-value operations and spend more time on actual investigations."
Christophe da SilvaDirector of Data Analytics and eDiscovery, Deloitte
"Linkurious Enterprise is very user-friendly, which makes me feel like I'm in control and I can focus on my investigations."
Michelle Kendler-KretschInvestigative Technology Specialist, The Sentry
"We are able to identify patterns and ramifications of unusual transactions that were impossible to achieve with a traditional approach. Furthermore, when we repeat an analysis executed before having graph technology, we find additional connections that we missed on the first analysis."
Miguel AguadoCompliance Director Asia Pacific, Ria
"A ring of 11 fraudsters were detected and identified within half an hour. Because of its complexity, a similar case would have taken several days to complete before the implementation of Linkurious Enterprise."
Alexandre DressayreChief Compliance Officer, BforBank (Credit Agricole)

BforBank stops 20% more fraud cases

BforBank switched to Linkurious Enterprise to build a 360Β° view of its customer data. In the process BforBank increased the number of identified fraud cases by 20% and increased the speed of investigations by 10X.

Mapping the Syrian regime's connections and financial flows

Discover how the Obsalytics team investigated the main power structures and financial flows in Syria and tried to democratize that information by making it available to the general public.

How Ria Money Transfer reduced investigation time of complex cases by 80%

Discover how Ria Money Transfer has strengthened their anti-money laundering investigation capabilities resulting in faster investigations and the ability to better meet regulatory expectations.

How the ICIJ unraveled the Panama Papers

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists gathered 350+ journalists throughout the world to investigate the Panama Papers. With the help of Linkurious Enterprise, the journalists were able to shed light on corruption, money-laundering, tax evasion and drug trafficking stories.


Prevent illicit activity from slipping through the cracks.

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