The all-in-one JavaScript library for large-scale interactive graph visualizations

Ogma is a commercial JavaScript library that can be leveraged to develop powerful, large-scale interactive graph visualizations. Ogma comes equipped with everything you need to easily visualize and analyze your graph data and increase your productivity across the board.

Display 5,000 nodes in just 3 seconds

Ogma leverages WebGL rendering, a modular architecture and state-of-the-art layout algorithms to make the visualization of large graphs not only possible, but powerful. With Ogma, you can display and interact with thousands of nodes and edges in a matter of seconds. You get all of that and more with layouts that make it possible to understand the structure and details of your graph data in a glimpse.

Transform graph data into actionable insights

Create rich experiences that allow any user to make sense of the complex networks in your business. You can use visual grouping to showcase communities, embed comments or swim-lanes in your visualization with the annotation layer, or even pivot from one way of representing your data to another with transformations. Benefit from our graph expertise to create an app that your users will not only actually use, but love.

Graph visualization doesn't have to be rocket science

With tutorials and templates covering how to import data or how to integrate Ogma with popular JS frameworks, you can have a working app in 15 minutes. Our 50+ ready-to-use examples cover all you need to customize your app, from coloring nodes to optimizing a layout or grouping nodes in clusters. Cut down on dev time and focus on what you want to deliver.

Introducing the Ogma Playground

Say "goodbye" to hours of prototyping! Kickstart your projects directly within the Ogma Playground. It’s your choice: start from scratch or choose from one of our many examples to test new ideas, try new styles, and adapt it to your needs to get your project off on the right foot.

Paving the way forward

"With Graph4you, we are able to help our customers deal with procurement, visualization and investigation of potential conflicts of interest between vendors. We also help them with fraud detection and business intelligence. Companies can discover hidden relationships in documents and can determine the key players in network structures of companies or corporate groups."
Stefano Gatti Head of Innovation & Data Sources at Cerved

Getting Started

Ogma’s visualization engine is built for WebGL first and can support HTML5 Canvas and SVG with the same level of detail. Developers can get started with Ogma using a unified API and carefully crafted event model along with an extensive documentation website and dedicated support team. Ogma can be integrated into any modern Web-based application. It supports module bundlers such as WebPack, it can be used with React, and provides Typescript definitions for fast integration with Angular 2.