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January 11, 2021

What a year! You’ve probably heard that so many times lately. For many people and businesses around the world, indeed, it’s been a chaotic and trying year full of uncertainties and constraints. The COVID-19 pandemic put global economic growth at stake, disrupted businesses, and forced people and organizations to quickly adapt to new ways of living and working. It also revealed multiple vulnerabilities in which it did not take long for all sorts of malicious people and organizations to exploit the general turmoil. The picture is clear: 2020 led to a rise in fraudeconomic crimescybercrime, and many other wrongdoings. These times of crises represent an incredible opportunity to rethink, reinvent, and innovate for those who want to do good… but unfortunately also for those who want to do bad.


At Linkurious, we are striving to help many of our clients shed light on the bad, so they can protect the good.


And because of that, 2020 was a hell of a year! With Linkurious technology, smart criminals will not live in the shadows any longer. We help our clients shed light on their wrongdoings to stop criminals in their own tracks. With one of the most intuitive and powerful graph analytics solutions, astute analysts and investigators can surface hidden insights in complex connected data and detect the most sophisticated criminal networks. Thus, last year, we’ve contributed to enabling even more companies—who include renowned global financial institutions, governmental agencies and other public organizations—to more efficiently detect and neutralize criminal activities at scale, adapt to new forms of threats and protect themselves against new risks.


We’ve also continued to support numerous inspiring journalists and investigators in non-profit organizations around the world in their endeavor to track down criminals, expose the truth to the public and influence policymakers to foster positive change in our societies. Among them, the ICIJ, the OCCRPGlobal Witness, and The Sentry. For instance, in 2020, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) – who has leveraged our technology for years to produce influential reports such as the Panama and Paradise Papers – brought forth the FinCEN files investigation which highlighted a broken Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system. Within a few months, it has contributed in accelerating the transformation and modernization of the AML system in the US.


We think the time has come for more visionary organizations to adopt new approaches in the fight against novel and more sophisticated threats or simply to more quickly find the needle in the haystack of their complex data. And we’ll be there, standing proudly by their side, continually innovating and pushing the boundaries to enable them to see more and do more with groundbreaking technologies.


I and the entire Linkurious team wish you all an exciting and fruitful new year 2021.


Sébastien Heymann

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