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Announcing Linkurious enterprise – The first data visualization platform for graph databases

April 20, 2015

Today, we’re excited to announce the public release of Linkurious Enterprise, the first data visualization platform for graph databases. Linkurious Enterprise helps organizations extract insights from their graph data in a safe and collaborative way.

Two years ago we set out to democratize graph visualization. Since then, we have had the opportunity to work with over 200 customers including Cisco, the French Ministry of Finances, or Ebay. They were all looking to find answers in big and complex datasets. What is the impact of a server failure on my IT infrastructure? Are seemingly normal bank customers indirectly connected to known criminals? Who is the most influential person in my organization? The humans tasked with answering these questions need tools to explore the connections in their data. Until then, they either used solutions designed for scientists or built their own systems.

We are now making it possible for all organizations to find answers in graph data through a complete graph-visualization solution. You can try our new demo now or contact us to learn more.

1. Everyone can find answers in graph data

Linkurious Enterprise provides an interface to search and explore graphs visually. Finding a node, a relationship or a path is as easy as typing text. Need more? Refine your query with boolean operators or by filtering on multiple properties at once. Your result is displayed as a graph. Expand relationships based on their categories, collapse the neighbors of a node, or select multiple nodes at once via the lasso tool. You can explore the graph interactively and identify the patterns, paths, or insights hidden in your data.



Making sense of graph data required an army of data scientists with PhDs. Now all types of business users can ask questions to their data in a visual and interactive manner.

2. Enterprise-ready

Linkurious Enterprise allows organizations to control the access to their data. Users can be authenticated via LDAP. Through the administration dashboard, you can manage users, user groups and data access rules. You can set read/write access rules based on categories of nodes and relationships, and assign these rules to user groups as needed.



Linkurious Enterprise allows organization to leverage their data in a safe way.

3. Results now, not in months

Linkurious Enterprise comes with a one-click installer compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows or cloud platforms like Amazon’s AWS. Compatible with Neo4j, it automatically connects to your graph database. In a few minutes, the people in your organization can start using Linkurious Enterprise. All it takes for them is a modern web-browser.

The interface of Linkurious is highly customizable. Map the size and color of nodes or relationships to any data property. Choose among over 500 icons. In a few clicks, you set up a visualization experience that matches your domain.



Linkurious Enterprise saves you the time and risks involved in creating a custom graph visualization platform.

4. Do more, together

Working as a team on graph data has never been easier. When you explore a graph with Linkurious Enterprise, you can save the result as a visualization. That visualization can then be accessed directly from your user dashboard or shared with colleagues in a click.



Visualizations can also be exported to multiple file formats (Excel, Gephi, csv, png, svg). Soon you will be able to integrate it in web pages via an interactive widget. Linkurious Enterprise allows you to communicate your findings and share information with colleagues.

5. Enrich your graph

With the interface of Linkurious Enterprise, users may modify, create or delete nodes and relationships. It all works according to the security rules you set. As an administrator, soon you will also be able to set up templates that defines the schema of nodes and relationships, and to analyze current data against them.


data creation

Whether you want to model graphs, crowd-source data creation or improve data quality, Linkurious Enterprise makes your job easier.

What’s next?

We are on a mission to help everyone understand their graph data. You can try our demo, or better yet join the companies already using Linkurious Enterprise now.

PS: We are looking for a full-stack Javascript engineer who cares about user experience and web interfaces. Does it sound like you? Say hello!

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