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Control Risks and Linkurious partner to deliver deeper insights for fraud and money laundering investigations

March 23, 2021

Control Risks and Linkurious are pleased to announce a partnership bringing together the expertise of Control Risks in financial crime, AML, and regulations, and the world-class enterprise graph visualization and analytics solution of Linkurious.

Criminal tactics evolve quickly and new threats emerge constantly. Staying one step ahead of financial crime is as challenging as it is essential for all kinds of organizations. Control Risks provides expert solutions to help organizations manage risk for better business outcomes. Linkurious enriches Control Risks’ offering with an innovative technology that transforms data into knowledge. 

The Linkurious graph intelligence platform, with its graph visualization and analytics capabilities, seamlessly combines data from different sources to provide analysts and investigators with in-depth insights. Linkurious works with several graph databases for maximum flexibility. 

The solution is both powerful and easy to use, enabling analysts and investigators who are unfamiliar with graph technology to intuitively explore their data. In a couple of clicks, Linkurious gives users swift access to vast amounts of information. The platform lets users easily visualize and explore the relationships within their data, no matter how complex. Linkurious takes complicated information and shows the big picture, automatically detecting suspicious patterns to identify new threats in a scalable way. The solution is also highly adaptable, making it simple to customize for new potential financial crime risks.

As a firm, Control Risks is relied on to support clients during moments of crisis. Within high-pressure environments, with reputations at stake, time is of the essence and the ability to rapidly deploy industry leading tools is of paramount importance. Our partnership with Linkurious is a natural and exciting fit with Control Risks for a number of reasons,” says Matt Evans, Associate Director at Control Risks. “Collating data from many and varied sources into a simple, intuitive interface vastly improves the efficiency of investigations. For ease of use, Linkurious noticeably stands above its competitors. And perhaps most importantly, the solution is scalable. Where we do find malfeasance, malpractice or simply patterns of interest, the patterns we identify can be encapsulated into a query and searched across much larger datasets, longer timeframes or across multiple jurisdictions. Automated, this is an efficient process.

Facing increasingly sophisticated financial crime threats, financial institutions and other organizations have needed to find ways to update and modernize their tools for anti-fraud and AML investigation and detection. Graph technology offers a robust solution to detect suspicious activities from weak signals, investigate emerging criminal patterns, and uncover organized groups of criminals,” comments Sébastien Heymann, co-founder and CEO of Linkurious. “Partnering with Control Risks, with all their experience and in-depth expertise, offers a promising solution for our customers to better fight financial crime.

To learn more about how to delve deeper in your AML investigations, watch our on-demand webinar with Control Risks.

About Control Risks

logo Control RisksControl Risks is a specialist risk consultancy. They are committed to helping clients build organizations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity.

They have unparalleled experience in helping clients solve the challenges and crises that arise in any ambitious organization seeking to convert risk into opportunity globally. The insight and depth of experience they have gained over more than forty years proves invaluable in giving our clients the intelligence they need to grasp opportunities with greater certainty.

Their clients include national and multinational businesses in all sectors, law firms, government departments from many parts of the world and an increasing number of non-governmental organizations.

Control Risks is the sum of diverse expertise - bringing multiple perspectives and deep experience to bear on their clients’ behalf. That expertise reflects their backgrounds as technologists, lawyers, aid workers, investigators, cyber experts, political scientists, soldiers, strategy consultants, intelligence officers and a host of other professions. It is this combination based in multiple offices on all continents that makes Control Risks relevant and distinctive.

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