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Data to value ltd. and linkurious announce partnership

December 1, 2015

UK-based Information Management Consultancy Data to Value Ltd. and France-based Linkurious today announced a new strategic partnership. Linkurious’ breakthrough graph data visualisation product brings complex, connected data to life for end-users. Data to Value will be leveraging its graph analysis and visualisation capabilities as part of their Lean Information Management Consulting approach.


It has become clear over recent years that whilst relational databases are very flexible they are not well equipped to store and analyse high volume, highly connected graph or network datasets. In response to this a vibrant graph data ecosystem has emerged leveraging tools such as the leading graph database Neo4j. Graph technology is now a dominant feature in many use cases such as metadata management, fraud prevention or recommendation.

The partnership will help organisations, particularly within Financial Services, adopt the latest graph data storage, analysis and visualisation tools and techniques. A particular focus for Data to Value will be to leverage Linkurious within the data consulting work they undertake in the customer regulation, fraud prevention, metadata management and risk management spaces. In these areas relational databases, traditional visualisation tools and techniques such as abstraction have historically failed to deliver high quality analysis and scalable systems. Paired with significant increases in the volume of regulation facing banks and asset managers this is becoming a major problem for many. Data to Value see this as a great opportunity to leverage graph technology for benefits such as more sophisticated risk analysis, faster client onboarding for KYC and AML and more granular understanding of metadata for areas such as data governance and data lineage.

James Phare, Managing Director of Data to Value notes; “we are delighted to have partnered with Linkurious – their graph visualisation product is refreshingly intuitive to use but also a very powerful way of analysing graph datasets. The company’s approach is an excellent fit with Data To Value’s lean approach to data and focus on the fundamentals. We spend a great deal of time helping organisations to understand the relationships buried in their data. The partnership with Linkurious will help us to further mature this proposition for our clients.”


Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious notes: “graph technologies are key to solve today’s big data challenges like fraud detection or metadata management. With  Data To Value’s deep knowledge of the financial industry and Linkurious’ disrupting technology, we are excited to see how soon UK customers will be able to get new value out of their data”.

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