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Linkurious Academy: the new educational platform to become a Linkurious Enterprise expert in no time

September 29, 2022

We’re proud to announce the public launch of the brand new Linkurious Academy in beta version. The Linkurious Academy is an on-demand educational platform which includes a selection of online courses that enable Linkurious’ clients and partners to benefit from remote individualized training on Linkurious Enterprise. These courses get users up to speed in no time and facilitate further development of more advanced skills.

Accessible from anywhere and at any time, the online courses are made of videos, step by step tutorials and activities so you can curate your own learning path. You will also be able to assess expertise by gaining certification and share the success on LinkedIn.

For its launch, the Linkurious Academy includes four courses:

  • End user certification: This course is an in-depth 15-module course on the fundamentals of Linkurious Enterprise. It aims at making any end user starting with Linkurious Enterprise well equipped to perform analysis and investigations. Each module is related to a specific feature and contains a video tutorial, script and interactive activity to check your understanding. Each user has the ability to navigate through any module they wish to master. This means it is not necessary to follow the sequence of modules for more learning flexibility.
  • Jump start your evaluation: If you are new to Linkurious Enterprise and want to test it out or perform a proof of concept, this is the ideal course for you. This will provide you with best guidelines for installation of Linkurious Enterprise along with details to configure a sample dataset.
  • Go-to-market resources for partners (only available for partners): This course covers the messaging and marketing resources (demos, presentations, case studies, etc) needed to promote Linkurious Enterprise to your clients and deliver successful projects.
  • Setting up Linkurious Enterprise to fight financial crime: This course provides a step-by-step guide on how to install and configure Linkurious Enterprise for a financial crime use case. Based on a synthetic dataset, it includes 10+ query templates, alerts and custom actions to showcase what can be done with Linkurious Enterprise.

In a second phase, the platform will provide a more comprehensive set of courses addressing the specific needs of a wider range of users and roles. So stay tuned!

How do you get certified?

Enroll in the course through this link, study the content and pass the test to gain your certification by scoring more than 85%.
Explore the Linkurious Academy starting today. When you complete the certification or if you have already completed your certification, don’t forget to share on Linkedin and add hashtag #linkurious.

For any questions about the Linkurious Academy, please contact academy@linkurious.com

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