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Linkurious Enterprise 2.2: Bolt support, Neo4j Search and dashboard improvements

January 16, 2018

We’re happy to start this new year with a major release of Linkurious Enterprise! This new version introduces a Neo4j Bolt connector, a solution for full-text search that relies on Neo4j only, and improvements to the dashboard.

Introducing Neo4j Search

By default, Linkurious Enterprise ships with an embedded Elasticsearch instance, providing an out-of-the-box search feature. But this option is not optimized for very large or frequently updated graph databases because indexation can take time.

For those cases, Linkurious Enterprise 2.2 offers a new search option entirely relying on Neo4j’s native search capabilities. Compared to using Elasticsearch, you will enjoy:

  • Built-in continuous indexation: you don’t need to install the neo4j-to-elasticsearch synchronization plugin to have your data available in the search instantly after being created in the database.
  • Better scalability.

Change a few lines in your configuration file and you’re done!

We recommend using this solution if you have a frequently updated large database (100M+ nodes). We continue to support the Elasticsearch plugin for smaller databases.

Support for Bolt

Bolt protocol LinkuriousYou can now connect Linkurious Enterprise to Neo4j via the Bolt protocol. Introduced with Neo4j 3.0, Bolt is a binary protocol designed for high-performance access to graph databases. Administrators can enable the protocol in the Neo4j configuration file. If Linkurious is connected over HTTP/S, it will automatically upgrade the connection to Bolt if available.

Support added for Elasticsearch 5.x

Linkurious Enterprise now supports Elasticsearch up to the version 5.6.4.

User experience improvements

We are rolling out incremental changes in the interface to improve the user experience. You can now create visualization files from the dashboard and move multiple visualizations at once into folders.

Multiple selections
Create, select and move multiple visualizations from the dashboard.

Administrators can now filter their users by groups in the user admin section.

Linkurious group filter
Filter users by groups for a fast overview.

What’s next

For the coming versions, we are focusing on improving the user experience and bringing features that will help analysts in their investigations. We are also working on improving Linkurious Enterprise performances so stay tuned!

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