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Linkurious is proud to be Scientipole Initiative’s latest laureate

June 11, 2014

Scientipole Initiative, the French association specialized in helping new innovative projects in Ile-de-France, has awarded Linkurious its support. Linkurious will benefit from new funding and the access to a network of experts.

What is Scientipôle?

Scientipôle Initiative is a French NGO. Its purpose is to help young startups in Ile-de-France with free services (internal and external audit) to structure the enterprise’s project and to award interest-free loans to its creators. Scientipole is part of the Initiative France network, a French network dedicated to supporting and helping business creators. Scientipôle has helped since 2001 more than 600 young businesses with up to 90 000€.

Past recipients of Scientipôle’s help include docTrackr (sold to Intralinks) or Evergig.

What does it mean?

The help of Scientipôle comes with a check. As a bootstrapped company we certainly appreciate it. The money will help us continue to operate independently while going faster as a company. We have recently moved to new offices and hired our first recruit outside the founding team. We’ll continue to grow in the coming months.


With Scientipôle’s help, we are looking forward to build the best solution to search, explore and visualize graphs.

We’d like to thank Laurent and Frederico from Scientipôle for their help. Their questions and coaching helped secure Scientipôle’s help and move us forward!

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