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Linkurious joins forces with Nuix to unleash the power of integrated link analysis for unstructured data

June 14, 2023

Graph analytics is experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide, projected to become a $6.9 billion market by 2028, according to Research and Markets. This exponential rise stems from the demand for effective approaches to comprehend intricate relationships within the vast sea of user-generated data. While graph analytics has traditionally revolved around structured, table-oriented data, Linkurious has partnered with Nuix to deliver an game-changing integrated link analysis solution to enable analysts and investigators to tap into the wealth of unstructured data. 

By integrating advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) with powerful yet user-friendly graph technology, the joint solution called Nuix NLP AI empowers data-driven professionals to unlock the power of link analysis on complex connected data without the need for extensive resources and highly specialized expertise.

Nuix NLP AI is paving the way for a future where unstructured data becomes a source of actionable insights and informed decision-making across industries.

At the heart of Nuix NLP AI lies a vision that new technology such as AI, NLP and graph analytics can push the boundaries of complex data analysis to help organizations solve some of the most complex challenges in our highly digitized world, enabling analysts and investigators to do what was impossible before. 

With Linkurious’ technology, Nuix NLP AI users gain access to dynamic, intuitive and interactive graph visualizations that allow for a deep understanding of relationships and context within vast amounts of unstructured data.

“Our collective goal is to redefine industry standards with regards to link analysis and create immense value for analysts and investigators," said Sébastien Heymann, CEO and Co-Founder at Linkurious. We are thrilled to embark on this transformative technology partnership with Nuix, propelling us into a new era in the field of decision intelligence solutions."

Nuix NLP AI integrates Nuix’s NLP technology with Linkurious’ graph visualization capabilities and the Memgraph database. The result brings forth a range of benefits, including:

  • Integrated, out-of-the-box graph analytics: Harness the power of best-in-class technologies to extract insights from your data and visualize complex relationships effortlessly.
  • Streamlined operations and cost savings: Seamlessly move data from ingestion to graph visualization, reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency.
  • Unleashing speed and scalability: Pairing Linkurious' highly scalable visualizations with Memgraph's high-performance database foundation and Nuix's renowned data processing and NLP capabilities results in lightning-fast graph-powered link analysis, at scale.
  • Accelerated time to value: Integrated technologies enable users to derive actionable insights from data within minutes or hours, significantly shortening the time required to generate value.

“Our collective goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Through this partnership, we will amplify our ability to deliver seamless integration that makes it easier to deploy, ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience for our customers" said Oliver Harvey, EVP Customer Strategy & Innovation at Nuix.

“This technology partnership represents just the beginning of an exciting journey,” said Dominik Tomicevic, CEO of Memgraph. “Together, with Nuix and Linkurious, we will continue to explore new opportunities, expand our reach, and pursue ground-breaking innovations.” 

Through this technology partnership, Linkurious, Nuix and Memgraph aim to revolutionize the field of link analysis and empower organizations to tackle the complexities of unstructured data with ease. 

To learn more about our technology partnership, please reach out to us.

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Discover how analysts and investigators can tap into the wealth of unstructured data by leveraging NLP, AI and graph technologies in an integrated cost efficient link analysis solution. Watch our webinar replay now.

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