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Linkurious v0.10.1 released

July 29, 2015

The new release of our graph visualization software Linkurious is now available! Called “Stellar Stegosaurus”, it is the last minor release before reaching v1.0 (production-ready). Linkurious is available in two flavors: Starter and Enterprise. Both variants are always concerned by releases.

New features

Cypher graph queries

Cypher is the SQL for graph databases, and is available in the Neo4j graph database. It provides a powerful syntax to extract advanced patterns or to edit the database. Linkurious provides now the ability to write and save multiple Cypher queries, and to visualize results. This feature is available in the visualization Workspace under the menu Find > Patterns.

With great power comes great responsibility, and not all end users should be able to run Cypher queries. This is why Administrators of Linkurious Enterprise can now attach the permissions to run Cypher queries to User Groups. For instance, an User Group called “Analysts” may be allowed to run queries that READ the database, while the User Group called “Developers” may be allowed to run queries that will WRITE in the database.


Learn Cypher here.

Hierarchical layout

The hierarchical layout is released as a beta feature. It handles up to 500 nodes and edges, and deals with cycles. Nodes can be arranged from top to bottom, or from left to right.

Support of Neo4j HA cluster with load balancer

Linkurious can now use a specific URL to send WRITE queries to a Neo4j database. This allows Linkurious to connect to a Neo4j cluster in production through the HAProxy used as a load balancer. Learn more on the official documentation of Neo4j.

One-click upgrade and simple backup

Upgrading Linkurious from this version will be possible: copy the new version of Linkurious into a specific folder, then run a single script to upgrade. It will replace the files of Linkurious, and migrate the internal data store of Linkurious which contains visualizations, users, and permissions. Rollback will be automatically perfomed in case of failure. Notice that the backup of Linkurious data and configuration now consists in archiving a single folder.

Client analytics

The Linkurious web application can log user actions by sending events to your Google Analytics account. They provide information on the way the application is used, which features are the most useful, etc. This feature is disabled by default and no external script is injected in this case.

Noteworthy improvements

Force-directed layout

We have improved the quality of the force-directed layout. It generates more compact images, handles disconnected components, and align node “siblings”, i.e. nodes that have exactly two same node neighbors. It now comes with two flavors: fast mode (less accurate) / best mode (more accurate).


White halo appears around nodes that are connected to the selected nodes or edges. They are now easier to spot while being more distinct from the selection.

Node captions positionning

Node captions are now positionned at the center of nodes with the following exceptions: if node colors represent a quantitative property, or if node icons are displayed.

Editing features

Linkurious is already helping companies work “5 times faster” for graph data entry and data quality inspection. This release provides various improvements to speed up data editing even more, and to reduce input errors:

  • Create new node at selection or within view
  • Inverse source/target nodes at edge creation
  • Auto-focus on edit input fields
  • Keyboard shortcuts to create or edit nodes and edges
  • Don’t close edit/create modals on error

Process manager

The management scripts to start/stop/restart the Linkurious server are more robust and consistent across platforms. An administration console is accessible on terminal to help monitor the server processes.

Other improvements include:

  • Display self-loops, i.e. edges with the same source and target nodes
  • Move visualization or folder from the Dashboard
  • Add node categories and edge types to Excel/CSV exports
  • Option to “get all nodes” in expand modal
  • Web application speedup at startup and runtime, consumes less memory (from 45MB to 200MB while visualizing 500 nodes and 500 edges)

For a full summary of changes in this release, customers should review the file contained within the distribution.

Linkurious Enterprise manual

We are currently writing the user and administration manual of Linkurious Enterprise. A draft version is publicly available on

About our release policy

Since the beginning of the development of Linkurious Enterprise last year, we ship releases roughly every month. Product version is read as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH:

  • MAJOR: provides a significant change in the software architecture or design ;
  • MINOR: adds or removes features ;
  • PATCH: provides bug fixes.

We will reach MAJOR version 1.0 with a production-ready software.

To try this new release, go to our online demo. We have just updated it! Contact us for any question, or send an email to for help.

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