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Linkurious v1.3: DataStax Enterprise Graph and Neo4j 3.0

May 25, 2016

The new release of our graph visualization software Linkurious is now available! Called “Vegan Vulture”, it provides a new data source connector to DataStax Enterprise Graph, add compatibility to Neo4j v3, and enable administrators to manage data sources from the user interface. Linkurious v1.3 is available in two flavors: Starter and Enterprise. Releases always apply to both variants.

New features

Datastax DSE Graph connector

datastax-logoLinkurious Enterprise aims at being a platform able to connect to any graph data sources. Today we are excited to offically announce the compatibility with Datastax DSE Graph. End users will benefit from all Linkurious features to help find key information inside very large graphs. Advanced users can write Gremlin queries from the Workspace > Search patterns panel. See a live demo here.


Linkurious connects to DSE Graph through the Gremlin server. More info on DSE Graph here.

Neo4j 3.0 connector

neo4j-3-0-square1The new major release of Neo4j is now available to Linkurious users! Blazing fast and highly scalable, it will help you store and query graphs of billions of nodes and edges. More info on Neo4j 3.0 here.

Data sources administration panel and API

Data sources are servers accessible through the network (local, intranet or internet) with URLs to connect to. Linkurious assumes that each data source serves a single graph database, however it may serve a different database the next time Linkurious will connect to it. For instance, you may load a database on your Neo4j server, then restart the server with another database. Linkurious will use the store ID to identify the database, so that you can switch between databases easily.


All data sources listed in the new administration panel are sources connected to Linkurious in the past. Administrators can edit or delete their configuration. They can merge two sources if they know that they target the same dataset. Linkurious will keep visualizations after merging data sources.


You can manage data sources (create, delete, merge) through the API endpoint “/api/admin/sources”.

Noteworthy improvements

Set pin on drag as optional in a new User Preferences panel

Users can now choose if they want to pin nodes after dragging them from the Workspace menu > User Preferences panel. Automatic pinning is great to draw the graph freely, but you might disable this behavior during the dynamic exploration of the graph, when layouts are automatically applied after expanding nodes. Automatic pinning is now disabled by default.

Enable ElasticSearch Shield authentication

shield-triadLinkurious Enterprise can now connect to ElasticSearch with an authenticated user through Shield. Along with SSL encryption, it brings more internal security within your architecture. We have tested Linkurious on ElasticSearch 1.5.

Other improvements

  • Administrators can now give names to data sources from the administration panel
  • Count nodes and edges from the index instead of the database
  • Disable autofocus in widgets (enterprise only)
  • Add a configuration validator
  • Allow explicit scheme in wildcard allow-origin configuration
  • Allow specifying a cookie domain different from the domain (enterprise only)
  • Fix missing Captions on viz creation, “Server Error: null” on API call timeout, incomplete image export on Retina screen, reordering properties in Tooltips panel, node/edge editing with conflicting versions, missing FontAwesome CSS, clickable property value starting with http://localhost, process-manager for users with a non-standard shell.

Try now

Try this new release on our online demo. We have just updated it! Contact us for any question, or send an email to for help.

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