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Linkurious Enterprise v1.6: Revamped documentation, and group mapping

February 7, 2017

The new major release of our graph visualization software Linkurious Enterprise is now available! The release is named Yummy Yak. Linkurious Enterprise v1.6 comes with a significantly improved and optimized documentation . It also provides users with the ability to do group mapping from external authentication systems.

Linkurious Enterprise v1.6: Documentation majors improvements

We integrally revamped Linkurious documentation for an optimal experience. The release of Linkurious Enterprise v1.6 contains the following new and updated documentation components.

A unique documentation entry point

All Linkurious documentations are now stored in Linkurious documentation. This includes the following documentation manuals: Linkurious administration manualLinkurious user manual. Old links to the documentation redirect to the new version. 

Linkurious Enterprise v1.6 documentation
Linkurious new documentation portal

Administration manual

We have set up specific documentation for Linkurious Enterprise administrators with step-by-step explanations on how to install and configure Linkurious Enterprise with your graph database to visualize Neo4j graph data or Cosmos DB.

Detailed examples in the Server SDK documentation

We have improved the Server SDK documentation. You will find numerous interactive examples on the use of the Server REST API. Directly edit the code examples to see the result and quickly understand how to interact with the Linkurious Server.

Other documentation additions

We added and documented the following elements in the administration manual:


  • how to configure OAuth2
  • how to configure server-side caption
  • documented examples on how to use API keys.

New features in Linkurious Enterprise v1.6

Group mapping from external authentication systems

Administrators can control the default permissions for users logging in with LDAP, Active Directory or Azure AD by mapping existing groups onto Linkurious groups. After configuring group mapping, Linkurious will automatically assign users to groups in Linkurious depending on their groups in LDAP, Active Directory or Azure AD.


See the administration manual for details.

Bug fixes

  • Failed indexation in Neo4j causes Linkurious Enterprise to crash
  • Filters are ignored in server-side widget generation
  • Added configuration for publicPort
  • Critical errors if part of the path is undefined in configuration API
  • Visualization share right cannot be “modified and shared” for some users
  • Delete alerts and matches on data source deletion

What’s next

The next release will focus on Linkurious Enterprise performance. We will increase the performances of nodes expands and improve large-graph capacities.

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