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20+ OSINT tools to enhance your investigations

April 29, 2022

Many online services are available for investigators looking for extra information about the entities they are interested in. From IP address to phone number or company name, open source intelligence can help you go beyond the data you already have access to to bring additional context to an investigation and reveal new insights.

These various services can be integrated into your investigation workflows via the Custom Actions available in Linkurious Enterprise. A Custom Action takes information from a node or a relationship and uses it to generate a dynamic URL based on a template that you provide. Custom Actions make it possible to seamlessly enrich the insights provided by Linkurious Enterprise with external tools and resources. With this, you can for example quickly pivot from visualizing an individual within the Linkurious Enterprise UI and into this person’s Wikipedia page to get access to more information.

Here's an example of a Custom Action to look up an address:

In this article you will see concrete examples of Custom Actions to retrieve information about phone numbers, addresses, IP addresses, emails, companies, bank accounts, and persons. Please note that these services are evolving quickly and may become deprecated.

Look up information about a phone number{{}}/{{}}{{}}{{}}{{}}

Look up information about an address{{node.latitude}},{{node.longitude}}

Look up information about an IP address{{}}{{}}{{node.ip}}{{node.ip}}

Look up information about an email{{}} (paying){{}}{{}}&ss=home

Look up information about a company{{}}&utf8=%E2%9C%93{{}}&page=1{{}}&i=&l=&k=&r=&t=&rc=&v=3{{}}

Look up information about a bank account{{node.IBAN}}?getBIC=true&validateBankCode=true

Look up a company or person on popular open source databases{{node.wikidataId}}{{}}{{node.full_name}}&utf8=%E2%9C%93

Look up an entity within an internal tool{{node.SF_ID}}/view

Look up information about a person{{node.first_name}}+{{node.last_name}}+AND+%28"money+laundering"+OR+"scam"+OR+"fraud"+OR+"crime"+OR+"arrest"+OR+"suspect"+OR+"crypto"+OR+"OFAC"%29{{}}

Going further

These examples illustrate the various services available online for investigators interested in OSINT and how they can be integrated in Linkurious Enterprise via Custom Actions. If you want to go further, there are multiple resources available that list other services (some require a registration). Don’t hesitate to investigate them and add them to your investigation workflow via Custom Actions.

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