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Linkurious announces support for JanusGraph on IBM Compose

May 9, 2018

Paris, May 9th, 2018 – Linkurious, the award-winning startup behind Linkurious Enterprise graph visualization and analysis platform, announces that it is officially adding support for JanusGraph on IBM Compose

Users deploying JanusGraph open-source distributed graph database on IBM Compose’s cloud platform will be able to investigate their graph data and detect insights through Linkurious Enterprise intuitive interface.

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« “Linkurious Enterprise offers a deeper, richer experience for Compose for JanusGraph users,” says Joshua Mintz, Offering Manager for IBM Compose. “The insights offered without the need to build, maintain, and scale graph visualization capabilities enables business-wide access and insights to complex, highly interconnected data sets. It’s an integration that just makes sense.” »

Joshua Mintz, Offering Manager for IBM Compose
Joshua MintzOffering Manager for IBM Compose

« We are very excited to announce support for JanusGraph on IBM Compose with the release of Linkurious Enterprise 2.4” declared David Rapin, CTO of Linkurious. “IBM Compose brings the power of JanusGraph to the Cloud, it is a natural fit for our ability to visually investigate connections and find hidden insights in massive and complex datasets. Linkurious’ users will be able to create and use JanusGraph in a matter of minutes without the need to run their own infrastructure. Adding support for JanusGraph on IBM Compose is also a unique opportunity to demonstrate the power of ScyllaDB as a high-performance backend for JanusGraph. We look forward to seeing users leverage the combined power of these tools.” »

David Rapin
David RapinCTO of Linkurious

About IBM Compose

IBM Compose offers a database for every developer’s need on one easy-to-manage platform. Choose from MongoDB, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, RethinkDB, ScyllaDB, JanusGraph, RabbitMQ, or etcd or build your data stack with pure polyglot persistence by combining several databases to ensure your data is used to the fullest, giving your application, analytics or APIs the best access possible.

About Linkurious Enterprise

Linkurious Enterprise is an on-premise graph visualization and analysis platform designed to help organizations fight fraud, money laundering, cyber threats and criminal activities. Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies use Linkurious Enterprise to extract insights and investigate suspicious connections hidden in large connected datasets.

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