When financial crime lies in the shadows, we turn the lights on.

The next generation of detection and investigation solutions that empowers you to keep up with the most complex criminal activity.

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When you visualize, they materialize.

Because you can’t catch what you can’t see, Linkurious combines beautiful intuitive data visualizations and powerful analytics to help you expose sophisticated fraudsters, money launderers and other bad guys faster - all the while increasing the cost efficiency of your processes.

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Trade in your blindspots for a spotlight

When combating smart criminals, your data is your best asset, if you can make sense of it. We provide you with a unified, holistic view of your complex, connected data and transform it into beautiful intuitive visualizations to cast a light on contextual information. See the bigger picture, follow the tracks and assign meaning, in just a few clicks.

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Reduce false positives - and focus on real shady schemes.

Traditional detection systems operate on simple rules and focus on individual behaviors. With Linkurious, rely on an intelligent detection system to identify even the most complex patterns and search connections between multiple suspicious signals to consolidate and prioritize your cases.

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Say “case closed” in minutes

When you’re exploring vast amounts of data, it takes time and costs you money. You can leverage powerful analytics to quickly expose complex criminal networks, uncover hidden accomplices, and identify suspicious behaviors. The result? Our customers have reduced their investigation time from days to minutes.

Our customers report that they can...


Detect up to 20% more suspicious cases


Investigate sophisticated criminal activities up to 10x faster


Reduce time spent on alerts by an average of 30%

They have made the leap forward

"We are able to identify patterns and ramifications of unusual transactions that were impossible to achieve with a traditional approach. Furthermore, when we repeat an analysis executed before having graph technology, we find additional connections that we missed on the first analysis.”
Miguel Aguado Compliance Director Asia Pacific, Ria
Introducing Linkurious Enterprise

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

Whoever said you can't have it all never talked to us. Linkurious Enterprise is a financial crime detection and investigation software that's both powerful and easy.


Prevent criminal activity from slipping through the cracks.

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Sophisticated crimes deserve sophisticated solutions

Because we know you and your team have limited time and resources to chase criminals and eliminate threats, at Linkurious, we have designed future-proof solutions that easily work on your terms - enabling you to get up to speed in no time. Hassle-free.

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