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Complex supply chains, enterprise IT infrastructure, rings of fraudsters, networks of money launderers… Our graph intelligence solutions empower you to swiftly and easily find your way in complex connected data, make context based decisions and solve real world problems - all before lunch.

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Illuminate every corner. Uncover every connection.

Experience a 360-degree view of millions of interconnected data points in a single workspace. Beautiful, customizable graph visualizations shed light on relationships and sophisticated patterns in your data that traditional systems overlook. No matter the volume or complexity of your data, eliminate blindspots and unleash its full potential to make context based decisions - at a glance.


Navigate complexity with ease

Take data exploration from painful to painless. Shorten time to insights from weeks to minutes. Our user-friendly, intuitive solutions empower both technical and business users to effortlessly navigate connected data to leave no stone unturned. Get to the bottom of even the most complex analysis in record time - because understanding your data should be as swift as your business.


Proactively uncover hidden insights

Go beyond simple detection rules to automatically uncover sophisticated patterns and reduce false positives. We leverage intelligent graph-based algorithms to not only surface hidden insights within your data but also accelerate triage of the results. Detect anomalies and potential risks or opportunities with a depth of contextual information that sets Linkurious apart.


Collaborate with confidence

When you and your team need to harness vast amounts of data, it costs you time and money. We provide powerful collaboration tools and outstanding support to increase your team's efficiency and productivity. Linkurious is the trusted choice for organizations seeking to harness the collective intelligence of their teams - at scale.

Our customers report that they can...


Detect up to 20% more insights


Analyze data up to 10x faster


Reduce time spent on alerts by an average of 30%

They have made the leap forward

"We are able to identify patterns and ramifications of unusual transactions that were impossible to achieve with a traditional approach. Furthermore, when we repeat an analysis executed before having graph technology, we find additional connections that we missed on the first analysis.”
Miguel AguadoCompliance Director Asia Pacific, Ria
“We see graph technology as a fundamental ingredient to make the fight against financial crime more effective and efficient. Linkurious is the key player in terms of maturity, features, and capacity to further develop.”
Christophe da SilvaDirector of Data Analytics and eDiscovery, Deloitte Switzerland
"Using Linkurious, the processing time to identify fraud rings was divided by 10, leading to quicker decision executions and faster regulatory reporting transmissions."
Alexandre DressayreChief Compliance Officer, BforBank
"We could not do what we do today without this kind of technology and what we can achieve with Ogma in terms of display and aesthetics of the solution is important to our overall success.”
Olivier BonsignourEVP, Product Development, CAST
"Before we started using Linkurious, it was necessary to start all the different source systems to collect the data [for a case]. Today, we get all the information from one system, on one screen, and that’s really a time saver."
Paul KuehneHead of Special Investigation Unit, Zurich Insurance
"Linkurious Enterprise is very user-friendly, which makes me feel like I’m in control and I can focus on my investigations."
Michelle Kendler-KretschInvestigative Technology Specialist, The Sentry
"Linkurious Enterprise was the best solution to uncover persons of interest and potential stories in a short timeframe during the Panama Papers investigations."
Mar CabraHead of the Data and Research unit, ICIJ

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Powerful and intuitive graph visualization software built for teams

Linkurious Enterprise Explorer

The most powerful and easy to use off-the-shelf graph intelligence software for the enterprise.

Whether you're a small team or working at the enterprise level, your graph data visualization and exploration software should be more than just a pretty face. Linkurious Enterprise Explorer is an off-the-shelf tool that keep s up with the demands of your day-to-day activiites, helps you do bith things - simply, and seamlessly integrates with leading graph databases.

Product Overview


Intuitive detection and investigation software


The all-in-one JavaScript library for large-scale graph visualizations

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Because we know you and your team have limited time and resources to chase criminals and eliminate threats, at Linkurious, we have designed future-proof solutions that easily work on your terms - enabling you to get up to speed in no time. Hassle-free.

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