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2022: New year, new chapter – A word from the CEO

December 30, 2021

For most of us, January brings best wishes, optimism, new hopes and resolutions for the coming year. The first day of the calendar year provides a fresh start. For businesses, it often marks a period of renewal of mutual trust with customers and partners and the reset of objectives, strategies and plans that organizations have been cooking up for months. New year, new chapter.

At Linkurious, this new year holds a lot of promises. The transition from 2021 to 2022 comes with a lot of excitement, confidence and ambition. Why? Because over the last year, we’ve been working hard on rethinking and paving the way for the future success of our company along with the success of our customers and partners.

As a matter of fact, we’ve made some bold decisions and moving forward, we've decided to double-down on financial crime. The goal is to not only better serve the needs of our partners and customers in the fight against financial crime (as well as other illicit activities) but to actually contribute to reshaping the detection and investigation paradigm with cutting-edge, human-centric technology.

But let’s clarify one thing: our original vision of helping the world makes sense of connected data through graph technology remains unchanged. We mean it. We’ll continue to support different types of organizations struggling to make sense of graph data. Whether it is optimizing a supply chain, analyzing the flow of data within an organization or assessing cyber threats, Linkurious Enterprise’s graph visualization and analytics will continue to help teams of analysts make smarter decisions. That’s what we’ve been doing successfully for the past 9 years already.

The reality is that the vast majority of our thousands of users worldwide are leveraging Linkurious’ technology to swiftly and precisely detect and investigate fraud, money laundering and other criminal cases. They have been pioneering and opening new horizons for data-driven, intelligence-based investigations.

We believe we can make a difference in helping more organizations make the leap forward and revolutionize the anti-financial crime practice. Because with trillions of dirty money flowing through the financial system each year and far too many money launderers or fraudsters flying under the radar, it’s time to take investigations out of the dark ages and bring criminal activity to light. It’s time for the good guys to take back control. It’s time to give analysts and investigators around the world new superpowers that supercharge investigations, beat criminals at their own game and neutralize them faster than ever before.

So in the mid term, we’ve decided to focus most of our efforts on developing the next generation of financial crime detection and investigation software.

Our objective is to provide a future-proof and game-changing technology for financial institutions, governments or non-profit organizations around the world. A technology enabling them to keep up with the most complex criminal activity that often goes undetected with traditional systems. Our objective is also to provide solutions that are not just centered on the technology, but on the superhuman strength they give to unsung heroes so they can more efficiently fight back against even the most sophisticated networks of savvy criminals.

We are determined to deliver on this promise. In fact, it’s already a reality. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with prominent, forward-thinking organizations and visionary business leaders that are now ahead of the curve in the battle against financial crime. And the proof is there. One of our customers was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize last year for the work done fighting dark money. A bank client was able to expose 20% more verified cases and accelerate investigations 10 times faster while an insurer reduced the time spent on alert triage by 30% so they could save time for investigating more suspicious cases. We’ve also enabled non-profit organizations to investigate the Pandora Papers, identify dirty money flows and power structures of the Syrian regime or understand and expose to the world the source of power of the violent and corrupt Myanmar military. You can’t imagine how proud we are of the extraordinary achievements made by our customers and their positive impact. And we know that’s just the beginning of a long list of inspiring success stories to come.

In the meantime, we have also been taking actions to reach our goals. We have recently achieved a major milestone with the latest release of our flagship software, Linkurious Enterprise, that includes innovative case management features. We’ve gone through a complete revamp of the visual identity of our brand, of the way we engage with our community and we have recently launched a brand new website reflecting that. It’s a whole new face and narrative that we want to share with the rest of the world as this new year begins.

We hope that all the key changes we are undertaking will resonate with you as they resonate with us.

So now, we want to simply tell you: let’s join forces, the power is yours!

My very best wishes of success for 2022.

Sébastien Heymann
CEO of Linkurious

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