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Browse the Facebook social graph in oculus rift with Linkurious

March 1, 2014

We are excited to announce Linkurious Rift, the virtual reality browser for the Facebook social graph.

Virtual reality worlds will soon become a Web powered by social links and we face new challenges to navigate in this cyberspace. Oculus Rift is the platform that will lead to this human and technological revolution, backed by Facebook to provide new ways to make the world more open and connected. At Linkurious our mission is to help visualize connections and to navigate within, so we’ve decided to focus on creating the next-gen graph browser in immersive 3d.

When graphs meet virtual reality

Imagine a world where you can see and navigate inside connected data.
Imagine a world where you can reveal hidden relationships between people.
Imagine a world where you can decipher social structures and influence in front of you.

The future is almost here: we can already integrate graph data into Google Maps to provide contextual information:

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