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Linkurious announces support for JanusGraph

November 7, 2017

We are happy to announce that Linkurious is officially adding support for JanusGraph. It is now possible to connect Linkurious Enterprise to the JanusGraph distributed graph database to visualize connected data and find hidden insights.

« “Linkurious Enterprise offers a turnkey visualization solution for JanusGraph, which can increase developer productivity with JanusGraph” stated Jason Plurad, Technical Steering Committee member on JanusGraph. “After connecting together a large dataset with JanusGraph, developers become excited to discover new insights interactively by visualizing the graph data. The Linkurious Enterprise architecture makes it simple to separate concerns between a user-facing graph application and the domain-specific data stored in JanusGraph. I’m looking forward to seeing what the community will build with Linkurious Enterprise and JanusGraph.” »

Jason PluradTechnical Steering Committee member on JanusGraph

« “We are excited that Linkurious now supports JanusGraph. It is one of the few graph databases to provide true sharding and thus actual horizontal scalability” declared David Rapin, CTO of Linkurious. “Linkurious’ users will be able to leverage JanusGraph’s first-class features such as full-text search and true multi-tenancy in an easy and user-friendly way. This is also an opportunity to turn to a free and Open Source graph database and experiment with a new level of scalability. We are looking forward to improving our support for JanusGraph over time and make its capacities accessible to non-technical users.” »

David RapinCTO of Linkurious

About JanusGraph


JanusGraph is a Linux Foundation–hosted project that builds on a fork of TitanDB. JanusGraph is a scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying graphs containing hundreds of billions of vertices and edges distributed across a multi-machine cluster. It’s built upon the Apache Tinkerpop stack and uses the Gremlin language for traversal, commands, and queries. For more information, visit


About Linkurious


Linkurious is an award-winning visualization startup founded in 2013. We created a software solution that helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies identify and investigate insights hidden in complex connected data. Our on-premise graph visualization and analysis software is used for fraud detection, intelligence, cybersecurity or IT management.

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