Ogma 4.5: Better animations, better rendering

July 24, 2023

In this latest Ogma release, we’ve focused on improving our animations. We’re releasing new features including zoom, hovering, and more, that enable you to create more attractive visualizations. Let’s see what is in the box!

Zoom in and zoom out

We have updated the formula for inertia on zoom in and zoom out. The result: it’s now much easier to control, giving you a more intuitive and precise zoom that just looks great.

Transitions on hover

With this latest release, you can now specify a duration and an easing parameter to the hover over your nodes and edges. This is a simple new feature, but it goes a long way in making the entire visualization look much smoother.

Improved icons and texts alignments

In Ogma 4.5, we have fixed some icon and text alignment issues. Now, these elements are perfectly centered, making your visualizations nicer to look at. Previous alignment issues have also been fixed on badges and on SVG.

Nested grouping example

We’re now showcasing in our documentation how to have multiple (and potentially infinite) nested groups. And stay tuned: in the next few months we’ll be releasing a simplified API to achieve the same result with less code.

Timeline improvements

You might already be familiar with our timeline plugin, which is now evolving. We recently shipped some improvements on how we cluster nodes together in the bar chart view. Previously, we simply grouped together events that were close to each other. Now, we have introduced a constraint so they respect human readable timeframes (one hour, 3 hours, one week etc). It makes the zoom in/zoom out experience much more intuitive.

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