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Graph TechnologyFinancial Crime
Fighting financial crime with graph analytics

Organizations are dedicating more resources to fighting financial crime, but the bottom line is that existing tools aren’t working well enough. Learn how graph analytics can help.

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Introducing OpenScreening

Experience a new way to screen Politically Exposed Persons or persons of interest, sanctions targets and their networks, in just a few clicks - and it's free!

Graph TechnologyFinancial Crime
Using graph analytics for entity resolution

Discover how Linkurious Enterprise helps combine graph analytics and human insights to improve entity resolution and unlock the value of your data.

Graph Technology
Product Deep Dive: Plugins

In this Product Deep Dive, we’ll take a closer look at what plugins are and how you can leverage them to make the most out of your investigations.

Financial Crime
Connecting the dots in your data

Discover how graph analytics help you connect the dots at a glance and visually explore your data for up to 10x faster investigations.

Graph Technology
Product Deep Dive: API

Learn more about the Linkurious Enterprise API and how to integrate it with your favorite tools.

AML Investigations

Learn how to put transactions into context for better decisions in your AML investigations.