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Cheers to 2024: Charting new frontiers

January 3, 2024

As we embark in the new year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the takeaways of 2023 and on what to expect from 2024. Time flies and we often find ourselves taken by the hustle and bustle of our day to day activities without necessarily realizing all the achievements and transformations that are in the making.

Bill Gates recently wrote, “The road ahead reaches a turning point in 2024.” (1) It’s a sentiment that I believe speaks to many of us. We find ourselves at the nexus of unprecedented technological advancements, global challenges and uncertainties.

In the business world, it is crucial to approach this with a proactive mindset. The ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks or simply to innovate is not merely a business imperative but a shared responsibility that extends across industries and borders.

Now, more than ever, the role of data, and especially graphs, emerges as a cornerstone in navigating the complexities of our interconnected world. The insights derived from data empower us to make more informed decisions, shape effective strategies, and drive meaningful impact. 

As we step into 2024, let us continue to break silos, leverage the transformative power of connected data to address pressing global issues, from advancing medical research to securing supply chains or combatting bad actors.

Looking back at 2023

For us at Linkurious, in 2023, we’ve continued to strengthen our business foundations and pave the way for a bright future where graph technology is used by the majority to answer mission critical questions. It’s been our vision from day one. Innovation, customer centricity and alliances have been guiding our decisions and actions since then, and especially in 2023.

Gaining business momentum

Despite 2023 being challenging for many businesses, it has been an exceptional year for Linkurious, a year during which we have gained momentum. 

  • Thanks to our collective dedication, the commitment of our business partners and the trust of our customers, we’ve managed to double our community of users, reaching more than 10,000 analysts and investigators around the world. 
  • As another notable achievement, we’ve significantly expanded our footprint in the North American market. In fact, 65% of our new customers in 2023 are located in this region.

Here are a few key achievements of 2023.

Unveiling Linkurious Enterprise 4.0

In 2023, we celebrated a significant milestone with the release of Linkurious Enterprise 4.0. This marked a leap forward, introducing cutting-edge graph powered detection and collaboration features that set new industry standards for graph intelligence solutions.

Among many success stories last year, our customers have used Linkurious Enterprise to mitigate compliance risks - like in the case of Ria Money Transfer - to combat social benefits fraud or to digitize factory operations - like Lockheed Martin. We are thrilled to see how our flagship product continues to empower organizations to explore new territories with connected data and improve their business.

Linkurious Enterprise also went SaaS

In our commitment to making advanced graph visualization and exploration tools accessible to more people, we introduced Linkurious Enterprise in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for product trials. It's been incredible to see how this move has accelerated and simplified the evaluation of the software and is opening new horizons at a time when the use of managed cloud services have become the norm for a majority of organizations around the world.

Turbocharging Ogma’s JS graph visualization library

Thanks to tireless efforts from our dedicated team, we have been writing an exciting chapter with a completely new generation of Ogma. Not only is the GPU layout now 4x faster than the CPU version, and 3x faster than the previous GPU layout but Ogma continues to redefine the standards for large-scale graph visualizations in terms of quality, speed, efficiency and overall experience, enabling developers in a variety of global organizations such as Cisco, CAST Software, and Volvo Cars to deliver exceptional graph visualization applications.

Forging strong alliances globally

Throughout 2023, our close collaborations with consulting partners like Aptitude Global, MIP, Larus, and Deloitte have been instrumental in shaping seamlessly integrated data intelligence solutions that can meet the demand for improved cost effectiveness, flexibility and scalability. Simultaneously, newly established strategic partnerships with tech leaders such as Nuix, Senzing, and Memgraph have empowered us to redefine the limits of the capabilities we can offer to our customers and supercharge the power of graph technology for our users.

Fostering positive impact through Linkurious for Good

Last but not least, as we navigate the challenges of our times, we remain committed to driving positive change through the Linkurious for Good program. In 2023, our technology helped the Observatory of Political and Economic Networks to unravel the Syrian narcotics ecosystem, Media4Change to foster public sector transparency and press freedom, and The Sentry to accelerate anti-corruption and human rights abuse investigations, among others.

Linkurious for Good remains an integral part of our mission to empower non-profit organizations with the tools they need to illuminate the truth and amplify the impact of those working on the frontlines of positive transformation around the world.

We are confident that 2024 holds a lot of promise for Linkurious as we continue to actively deliver more for our customers and partners. 

Looking ahead to 2024

2024 should also be a year of consolidation. We continuously strive to leverage our expertise and passion for graph technology to develop today the technology of tomorrow in the realm of data and decision intelligence. And for us, tomorrow is now. 

We obviously cannot reveal everything we have been cooking for you for 2024 but here are a few sneak peeks. Get ready for exciting news and innovations this year again! 

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries in graph data visualization and exploration remains unwavering.

Improved interoperability and an enhanced user experience are also on the horizon, ensuring that our products work seamlessly with your systems and remain intuitive and efficient for both technical and non technical users.

In 2024, our focus sharpens on enhancing the overall experience of our customers. Expect more knowledge sharing, streamlined support, and more local presence to better cater to your unique needs. Your success is more than ever before at the heart of our mission.

We'll be thrilled to deepen our collaboration with our partners. On the one hand, we are strengthening our global presence with our active local business partners network. And on the other hand, we'll be working together with Nuix to deliver to more prominent organizations our unparalleled link analysis joint solution combining AI, NLP, and graph technology to swiftly and easily harness both structured and unstructured data.

« We continuously strive to leverage our expertise and passion for graph technology to develop today the technology of tomorrow in the realm of data and decision intelligence. »

sebastien heymann
Sébastien HeymannCEO of Linkurious

To conclude, as we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, I’d like to share my heartfelt thanks for all our partners and customers who have trusted in our vision, our team and our technology. And the Linkurious team and I are very proud to say that some have been by our side for more than 10 years now. Together, let's continue to explore new possibilities, pioneer technological advancements, and shape the future of graph technology and context based decision intelligence.

And to all the readers of this post, I wish you a fantastic and prosperous 2024!

Warm regards,

Sébastien Heymann

(1) https://www.gatesnotes.com/The-Year-Ahead-2024

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