A bright future for graph technology: Interview with Memgraph CEO Dominik Tomicevic

October 27, 2023

Earlier this year, we announced Linkurious’s compatibility with Memgraph DB and Memgraph Cloud, the in-memory graph databases developed by Memgraph. In a rapidly expanding graph technology landscape, Linkurious is pleased to be able to offer our customers more choices. 

We took the opportunity of our newly minted partnership to speak with Memgraph’s CEO, Dominik Tomicevic, to learn more about his vision for graph technology at a time when more and more organizations are discovering the vast possibilities it has to offer. We were able to speak for nearly half an hour and covered topics ranging from how to democratize graph technology to the industries where graph is showing the most potential to his take on the graph query language standard. It’s well worth a watch or a listen: 

To give you a sneak peek, here’s a look at a few of his answers to our questions.

A vision for graph technology

Started in 2016, the founders of Memgraph had a clear vision for the role their technology could play in transforming how organizations could get value from their data. “Our overall vision for the technology is rooted in the transformation of the way organizations handle complex, interconnected data. We believe that graph technology can revolutionize how data is analyzed and interpreted, which means empowering businesses to make better informed decisions.

“Early in our journey, we noticed that there was a lack of the kind of approach that we've taken to graph databases,” says Dominik. There were limitations in speed and performance, particularly for real-time use cases. Those limitations became more pronounced with large, complex, and interrelated datasets. “That's where our in-memory first approach to graphs comes into its own. By keeping data in memory, Memgraph can deliver superior speed and performance, which makes it ideal for dealing with complex queries and large datasets. 

“It provides near instantaneous access to data, which is critical in today's fast paced business environment. And in-memory analytics also means that businesses can analyze and interpret their data in real time, allowing for faster decision making and more agile business processes.”

How do you see graph technology evolving?

The graph industry is still relatively young, and still in a process of maturation. We’ve seen the pace of change has accelerated over the past few years. Where does Dominik Tomicevic see that evolution going?

“First, we anticipate that more businesses will start integrating graph databases into their tech stack. Because more people are realizing the advantages that technology can offer. 

“At the same time, we believe that the technology itself will continue to evolve. Graph databases will become more powerful, more scalable, and easier to use. And providers like Memgraph continue to invest in R&D. So we'll see graph technology become increasingly capable of handling much larger datasets and more complex problems.

“And lastly, we expect to see the development of a stronger ecosystem around graph technology. It will include a lot more tools and services designed to work with graph databases, I think especially in more niche industries.

“The future is very bright. We're excited to be a part of it.”

The Memgraph, Linkurious and Nuix partnership

Earlier this year, Memgraph, Linkurious, and Nuix announced a partnership combining advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) with powerful yet user-friendly graph technology. At the heart of the joint solution lies a vision that new technology such as AI, NLP and graph analytics can push the boundaries of complex data analysis to help organizations solve some of the most complex challenges in our highly digitized world, enabling analysts and investigators to do what was impossible before. 

“I think our partnership with Linkurious and Nuix is a game changer. Because with this, we've created a fully integrated solution for out of the box graph analytics. It significantly streamlines workflows from data ingestion to visualization. And I think this integrated approach drastically reduces operational costs and complexity for customers. 

“Essentially, we're bringing together Nuix’s renowned speed in data processing and natural language processing, Memgraph’s high-performance graph database foundation, and Linkurious’s highly scalable visualizations. And I think the powerful combination of the three technologies delivers unprecedented efficiency and ease of use.” 

Watch the full interview with Dominik Tomicevic here.

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