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Linkurious Enterprise now allows Memgraph data visualization and exploration

April 25, 2023

With the release of the 4th generation of Linkurious Enterprise in 2023, Linkurious’ off-the-shelf graph visualization and analytics solution is now compatible with Memgraph DB and Memgraph Cloud, the in-memory graph databases developed by Memgraph.

Organizations using Memgraph can now leverage advanced yet intuitive data visualization and analysis capabilities from Linkurious’ flagship product to detect, visualize and explore even the most complex connected data to quickly and accurately surface hidden insights.

What is Memgraph?

Memgraph is an open-source graph database built for streaming.

It analyzes interconnected, relationship-heavy datasets at scale and at significant performance levels in comparison to others. Memgraph achieves such performance due to its in-memory nature and by being built in C++.

End-users can spin up an instance, consume data directly from Kafka or other sources, and take advantage of everything from super-fast graph queries to advanced algorithms like PageRank and Community Detection. Memgraph can be run locally, on-prem or as a managed service through Memgraph Cloud.

Today, developers from organizations like Expedia, Bank of America, Tesla, American Express, Boeing and others already use Memgraph.

Visualizing and exploring Memgraph database with Linkurious Enterprise

Combining Linkurious Enterprise and Memgraph empowers both technical and non-technical users alike to swiftly and easily search, visualize and explore graph data in Memgraph using Linkurious Enterprise as a front end. For their data visualizations and analysis, users benefit from an intuitive interface and powerful exploration features. These include full-text search, filtering, timeline, geo-location and query templates to convert repetitive investigation or data exploration steps into reusable and customizable forms and buttons, no matter the size and complexity of the dataset. 

Memgraph users can also manage access-rights on the graph and leverage graph-based alerts to automatically surface complex patterns in the Memgraph database. They can easily edit and manage Cypher-based queries to create detection models and alerts, combine multiple models into a single alert and manage the populated cases - all in the Linkurious Enterprise interface.

How to integrate Memgraph with Linkurious Enterprise

Getting started to visualize your Memgraph data with Linkurious Enterprise is hassle-free. Linkurious software can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and connected in a few clicks to Memgraph DB or Memgraph Cloud via a Bolt protocol directly from the web user interface. Advanced search functionality can be easily enabled for users with Elasticsearch, a flexible, text-processing tool that is used primarily for full-text searching and indexing.

"We are excited to partner with Linkurious to bring advanced visualization and analytics capabilities to our users," said Dominik Tomicevic, CEO of Memgraph. "Our goal is to make real-time streaming graph computation accessible to every application developer, and our partnership with Linkurious is an important step in achieving this goal. Overall, this partnership between Memgraph and Linkurious is an exciting development for the open-source graph database community, and we look forward to seeing the benefits it brings to the graph community.”

“Memgraph’s innovative streaming graph database approach offers exceptional performance and flexibility for many use cases spanning from fraud detection to IT and data management. We are glad to add this new option for our clients and are looking forward to working with Memgraph to accelerate the democratization of graph technology” explained Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious. 

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