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Building human-centric technology

August 11, 2022

For David Rapin, CTO and co-founder of Linkurious, technology should be human-centric: user friendly, and built to offer its users a faster, more intuitive way of analyzing their data. By building products with a native graph approach, that’s just what Linkurious has done.

Building native graph software

Graph technology in many ways replaces what used to be called big data, where the idea was to gather as much data as possible and try to make sense of it. The problem was: how do you understand the connections within that data? Graph data came in to solve that question by showing exactly how two pieces of data are connected. 

“At Linkurious we’ve adopted graph technology from day zero,” says David Rapin, “meaning that for us, what is at the center of all investigations is finding the connections within complex connected data.”

A native graph approach lets analysts explore their data within the graph without having to worry about the technical limitations. This makes Linkurious software more powerful than the tools offered by the competition, says David. “With Linkurious, analysts have the full power of native graph in their hands.” Graph is also able to combine weak signals from different sources to more accurately detect suspicious activity, making analysts’ jobs easier.

Bringing graph technology to other industries

Today, Linkurious helps financial institutions, insurance providers, government agencies, and NGOs fight against fraud, money laundering, and other financial crime. 

“In the future, I see Linkurious helping other industries move towards graph technology and machine learning,” says David. This could be in the domain of cybersecurity, where a tool like Linkurious Enterprise can help accelerate incident investigation. Or it could be in healthcare, where graph technology can help with drug discovery. “For me, that’s very exciting.”

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