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A picture is worth a thousand words: product design at Linkurious

April 22, 2022

When Josselin Perrus joined Linkurious as head of product in 2016, graph visualization didn’t yet have proven business applications. But his first impression was that the company’s approach could change the way people looked at complex data. 

“Now, a few years later,” he says, “graph has become more popular, but we still feel like we are pioneering in the field.”

Over the years, Linkurious has developed a product based on graph visualization and analytics that serves the needs of multiple use cases. Leading private and public organizations have adopted Linkurious software, including Ria Money Transfer, Zurich Insurance, and the Attorney General of New York, as well as NGOs fighting corruption and tax evasion, such as the ICIJ.

Building the next generation of investigation software

Linkurious Enterprise is a powerful and intuitive investigation software that helps financial institutions, government agencies, journalists, and NGOs get to the bottom of fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption. Investigators fighting financial crime are experts and can recognize a criminal scheme when they see one. But for too long, they haven’t had the tools to do their jobs efficiently. Legacy Excel-like investigation software makes it difficult for investigators to actually see anything in their data. 

With a graph visualization and analytics approach like Linkurious Enterprise, though, “investigators can do in a matter of minutes what used to take hours or even days,” says Josselin. 

The Linkurious team has developed intuitive tools like filters, query templates, and the timeline to help both technical and non-technical users remove the noise and speed up investigations.

Designing case management for better investigations

After focusing on investigation, Linkurious is now addressing financial crime detection. The automated detection systems that investigators rely on produce huge numbers of cases, many of which are false alerts that are a waste of investigation time. 

“Our vision for the future is that we will be compiling and connecting detection results in a single place. And we will help investigators identify which cases they should focus on because they have the highest chance of revealing criminal activities.”

Graph technology is proving to be a major asset for fighting financial crime. By making powerful graph technology available to technical and non-technical users alike, Linkurious Enterprise will continue to make the lives of investigators easier, and the lives of criminals harder. 

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