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Democratizing graph technology to serve anti-fincrime visionaries

February 11, 2022

Years ago, Linkurious CEO and co-founder Sébastien Heymann had a vision: making data exploration available to everyone - not just data scientists. The idea was a seed that grew into Linkurious.

Democratizing graph technology

With a background in computer science, network science, and philosophy of cognitive technology, Sébastien Heymann witnessed the emergence of companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. They shared the same revolutionary idea: using connected data - the graph - as a foundation. 

Graph technology is powerful. But at the time, it was only accessible to data scientists and intelligence analysts. What if the technology could be used by others to enable them to quickly find relevant information in large, complex datasets?

The challenge is that most people learn how to navigate tables at school, but rarely do most of us learn to navigate data. The answer to that problem was the technology that became Linkurious Enterprise: an investigation software with a world-class user interface accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Today it makes it possible for analysts to spot suspicious anomalies and make faster, clearer decisions with connected data.

Watch Sébastien Heymann discuss the journey to creating Linkurious in his own words:

Looking forward: empowering anti-financial crime visionaries

The Linkurious mission today is to help organizations fight criminal networks by providing data analytics technology. 

The reality for companies in the financial industry is an increasing complexity that creates opportunities for bad actors to commit fraud and launder money. And fraud, compliance, and security departments are under increasing pressure: compliance pressure, but also pressure to manage evolving risks while keeping budgets low.

Graph technology helps make it possible to manage these risks. Linkurious Enterprise already helps detect attacks analysts would be unable to see without this technology, reduce false positives with a unified view of data that come from internal and external sources, and speed up investigations. 

To make the lives of investigators and analysts even easier in the future, Linkurious is expanding the product and offering more services to meet customers’ needs. 

Watch to see how Linkurious is serving anti-fincrime visionaries:

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Linkurious is driven by innovation and big ideas. Watch the rest of our video series with the Linkurious leadership team:

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