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A partnership mindset: the secret ingredient of customer success at Linkurious

March 10, 2022

For Marilyne Bouteruche, Head of Customer Success (CS), the CS philosophy at Linkurious is all about care: care about the people using our software, about their challenges, and their ability to get value out of our solution. 

“We take the time to build long-lasting personal relationships with our customers based on trust and mutual respect,” says Marilyne. “This is a win-win situation: we help them reach their goals, and they challenge us and help us bring our solution to the next level.”

Linkurious has built deep relationships with customers like Ria, Pole Emploi, and Zurich Insurance and dozens of other customers over a period of many years. We work as a team, towards common goals. “This is really a partnership mindset,” adds Marilyne.

Tailored engagements for Linkurious customers

At Linkurious, we tailor our engagement so that the customers get the customized experience they expect to succeed in their projects. We work with different types of customers.This includes small organizations and NGOs like ICIJ or Justice for Myanmar. But it also includes large businesses like major US banks and airplane and car manufacturers. 

All of these customers come with different needs and different skill sets. The Linkurious mission is to adjust to the needs of each to ensure the success of their projects.

An international customer success team

The Linkurious team includes over 15 different nationalities, and that diversity helps better serve our customers. Since we can offer support in English, French, Spanish,  Italian, or even Hindi, the quality of the exchanges we can have with customers is richer. 

Learn more about the Linkurious customer success philosophy:

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