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Linkurious and Aptitude Global partner to deliver a cost effective financial crime solution

May 22, 2023

Linkurious, the leading provider of graph visualization and analytics software and Aptitude Global, the specialist provider of Data Solutions for financial institutions and other clients in Regulated industries, are teaming up to deliver an innovative decision intelligence solution that empowers organizations to more efficiently tap into the power of their data to expose even the most sophisticated illicit activities and criminal networks. 

This solution combines the best-of-breed entity resolution and graph technology with industry specific expertise in data management and complex systems integration. It aims at improving risk mitigation and the cost efficiency of anti-fraud and financial crime operations by enabling teams of investigators and analysts to more efficiently and accurately detect fraud and financial crime cases, and to accelerate the analysis and understanding of risks in a client's network for enhanced contextual decision making.

Combining entity resolution, graph technology and deep expertise of data challenges in regulated industries

Linkurious graph intelligence solutions help both technical and non-technical users to visualize and analyze insights hidden in complex connected data. Intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful,  Linkurious’ technology is used to improve decision-making with a deep understanding of the context around a client or a transaction, to optimize operations with remarkable graph powered detection capabilities and streamlined collaboration features, and to identify and mitigate risks otherwise undetected by traditional methods.

Aptitude Global is a specialist provider of Data Solutions delivering highly automated, innovative solutions in regulated industries.  Aptitude’s deep experience in innovation and integrating the best data and technology products to solve complex data and regulatory challenges is demonstrated by their ability to deliver for some of the largest financial services firms in the world.

Together, Linkurious and Aptitude Global are contributing to solving some of the most pressing challenges facing organizations today: increased compliance risks, huge volume of false alerts generated by traditional rule-based systems, inefficient processes across teams and the cost of anti-fraud and financial crime operations. Aptitude builds intelligent data platforms that are highly trusted and fully quality-controlled, with embedded entity resolution capabilities to improve analytics and risk management. Aptitude’s data and technology integration skills enable clients to benefit from highly customized solutions which aim to turbo-charge Linkurious’ analytics and investigation data-reach.

Cost efficient and flexible solutions to combat fraud and financial crime

In the Fraud and Financial Crime domain, this partnership results in significant efficiency and accuracy improvements when detecting cases of fraud and financial crime and analyzing and understanding risks in a client's network. The combination of expertise and innovative solutions will deliver tremendous value to the industry by providing  a more flexible and cost efficient alternative to other decision intelligence solutions such as Quantexa. 

Co-Founder of Aptitude, Sameem Jaffrey, says, "We are very excited about our partnership with Linkurious. At Aptitude we strongly believe in building highly automated, intelligent data platforms that can liberate hidden insight in an organization's data. Combining Aptitude’s industry experience and technical know-how with Linkurious’ product suite we can help clients use that insight to build highly performant anti-Financial Crime solutions, achieving significant cost savings and operational performance gains."

“To easily adapt to a constantly evolving global regulatory landscape, keep up with savvy criminals often operating in networks, and to optimize the cost efficiency of their operations, financial institutions or governmental agencies should rely on fully customizable and automated solutions combining the best-of-breed technology that is easily adaptable to industry standards and interoperable with other systems,”  explains Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious. “The future-proof solution offered by Aptitude Global using Linkurious technology offer a real opportunity for a variety of organizations to supercharge their anti-fraud and financial crime arsenal at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.”

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